The new pyramid of the mediterranean diet

The healthiest way of life recommended for maintaining health and vitality

The new pyramid of the Mediterranean diet is adapted to the modern way of life and therefore contains recommendations for each day of the week and takes into account social “calories” in order to achieve a healthy and balanced diet.
Every day:
The three main meals have to contain three underlying groups of food ingredients which are distributed throughout the day.
Grain – one to two meals in the form of bread, rice, couscous, pasta, and it would be desirable to choose wholegrain type  of these ingredients
Fruits – one to two pieces with your meal; the best choice for desert
Vegetables – with lunch and dinner, and be sure to choose more than two kinds, one of which has to be raw
Dairy products – low fat  yoghurt, cheese, and other fermented daily products
Olive oil is in the centre of the pyramid and it should be the most important source of fats; cold pressed oil is also used for cooking, and the daily recommendation  is one tablespoon per person

Dry spices, fresh herbs, garlic, and onion enhance flavours and lower the need for salt. Olives, nuts, and various types of seeds are a great choice for a snack, and good sources of healthy fats as well.
With respect to religious and social norms, moderate  drinking of wine and fermented drinks, one glass per day is recommended for women and two glasses for men during a meal
1.5 to 2 litres of water has to be consumed each day, even though the need for water can change depending on age, climate, physical activity, and personal characteristics

* 2010 Fundacion dieta mediterranea the use and promotion of this pyramid is a recommended without any restriction

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