Mediterranean Diet can improve Men Sex Life

Do you know that 40% of men older than 40 at some points have an inability to achieve a proper erection needed for sexual intercourse?

As men get older problems with ED are worsening so by the age of 70 up to 70% of men have ED.

ED or erectile dysfunction simply said means impotence. This means that the man is no longer able to sustain an erection enough long in order to enjoy his sex life. If this happens occasionally, there is no need to worry but if this is an ongoing problem ED can not only affect man’s sex life but his psychological state leading to decreased self- esteem and sometimes depression.
Do you know that one in ten men has ED, and only in the United States there are 30 millions men with an erectile dysfunction?!
The most common causes of ED:

  • excess weight
  • excess intake of alcohol
  • smoking
  • metabolic syndrome
  • depression and anxiety
  • less physical activity
  • diabetes and atherosclerosis
  • kidney diseases

Adopting your new health behaviors that will include losing excess weight, quitting smoking. moderate intake of alcohol and eating food rich in folic acid, zinc , vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin A will improve your fertility and your sex life.
Mediterranean diet will be your very useful tool to achieve all of these!
Research done in Italy scientifically proved that Mediterranean diet can indeed reverse your sexuality.
The study was done among obese with cardiovascular risk that have abnormalities of the vasodilator system of penile arteries which play an important role in the pathophysiology of ED. One-third of obese men with ED regained their sexual activity after 2 years of adopting Mediterranean-style diet together with regular exercise.
I can only conclude eat Mediterranean and be sexier!

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