Long life with the Mediterranean Diet

One of the most talked about themes of the Mediterranean diet has to be the issue with long life. It is funny how we humans are so obsessed with living long that we would do anything to make sure that we get to have our wish granted. However, there is nothing wrong with hoping for a few more days added onto your life; therefore there is nothing wrong with going on a diet to make sure that you get a chance to get to live longer. As a matter of fact, we would all like to grow and live long enough to see our kids have children and we get to play with them. However, the one place where most of us fail terribly is in the kind of foods that we eat. We eat foods that make us look 50 when we are only 27. Therefore in the event that you want to make sure that you have a chance of living longer, you need to make sure that you get the right food on your diet, and as a matter of fact, switch to the Mediterranean diet. This is actually a choice that you will not regret. There are so many people who have done it and are now living better lives than they did before.
Therefore, what is the whole reason behind this trend? In order to be able to live healthy and longer lives, you can go to all hospitals and seek a lot of medicines to cure you of all the diseases that you could think of.  However, one thing that might deny you all this is simply the kind of food that you eat. Not that they are poisoned, but in increasing quantities, they become poisonous to you in the long run. Recent studies have revealed that the people who live around the Mediterranean regions (Italy, Croatia, Greece,…) have a tendency to live longer than their counterparts in the rest of the world. Further research made it clear that the main reason for this is solely due to the kind of diet that these people are on. The foods that they eat have the ability to make them stronger and fit for as long as they live. As a matter of fact, most of them die of other causes, and rarely from common diseases. In fact, most of the inhabitants of this region usually die simply of old age, when they are too frail to continue living. At such a time, we say they have lived their lives to the fullest.

What exactly are the benefits therefore that they get from this diet? In the event that you have never heard of anti-oxidants, these are some small compounds that are found in particular foods that we eat. Their work in the body is simply to cancel out the effect of oxidants that usually get destructive once they have accumulated in large numbers. Oxidants are also produced when the body attempts to break down the solid food particles. Therefore the antioxidants work to make sure that you remain healthy for longer, hence a longer life.

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