Latest research on the Mediterranean Diet

Taking into account all health’s advantages and lifestyles’ benefits no wonder that in 2010. by UNESCO Mediterranean Diet was acknowledged as Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Here is one of the latest researches on how MD is beneficial on our health:

Mediterranean Diet keeps our heart healthy

Research done by Catherine Defoort et al , published in Public Health Nutrition December 2001. showed that MED diet is effective to improve postprandial lipaemia that is now linked to increase risk of cardiovascular diseases. The research included one hundred and thirty five adults that were divided into two groups. One group followed a low fat American diet while the other followed MED diet. For three months blood’s parameters were measured such as glucose, lipids and insulin. Both group showed a reduction in the postprandial ApoB48 but this reduction was more significant in the group fed on the MED diet.

Mediterranean Diet may prevent breast cancer

In the study done by Eduard Esrich et al the moderate intake of olive oil throughout the lifetime seems to prevent breast cancer. The research was done using data from 16 experimental series analysing the effects of dietary lipids on mammary carcinogenesis in an animal model. The research team concluded that due to MUFA – oleic acid and other minor compounds of extra virgin olive oil that is an important part of mediterranean eating pattern, MED DIET has a beneficial effect on progression of some cancers, especially breast cancer.

Mediterranean Diet effective in secondary prevention in chronic heart diseases

Research done by Michel de Lorgeril and Patricia Salen, published in August 2011. in PHN UK, included adult coronary patients whose the two main causes of death are either chronic heart failure or sudden cardiac death. In this study patients were at high risk of cardiac death. Researchers concluded that no BETTER dietary pattern has been tested so far in this group of patients. Therefore now there is a consensus to recommend MED diet as the best one for the secondary prevention of chronic heart diseases.

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