Glucosamine – supplement from the sea

We all know now that Mediterranean diet is super healthy diet but do you know that super supplement glucosamine comes from the sea?

Shrimps and lobster are favourite on someone’s plate but a key ingredient in their shells is glucosamine.
First time this supplement was discovered in the 1960’s when the scientists were trying to find compounds that would help in speeding up wound healing. Interestingly they discovered that the shrimp shell’s paste applied on wound help the tissues healed faster. The active ingredient that did that job was glucosamine and today this is one of the most used and popular supplements. The scientists now believe that this super supplement may slow down the process of inflammation that leads to tissue damage and at the end not only ease arthritis, IBS – irritable bowel syndrome but keeps us younger for longer.

Can we boost glucosamine level in our body by choosing certain food?

No, unless we crunch crustacean shells that for the majority  of us is almost impossible. On the lovely island of Lastovo in Croatia, one of the specialities is deep fried shrimp with its shell! They coat small shrimps lightly in  the corn flour and deep fried them quickly – I call them the Mediterranean chips. It is a very tasty and you feel the full flavour of shrimp (they are just caught on the island) and very crispy as you eat shell rich in glucosamine.
In my kitchen I hardly deep fried any food- maybe occasionally when I make seafood tempura for my son or make these glucosamine rich Mediterranean chips.

Can our body make its own glucosamine?

Yes, we can make it by combining glucose with glutamine – combination of carbohydrate and protein.
But as we age, our body’s  ability to make glucosamine becomes less efficient and we notice that our joints are not as strong as  before, our skin has started to sag, and wrinkles are more and more visible that means maybe it is a time for glucosamine supplementation.
Many researches have proven the effectiveness of glucosamine – it can protect our skin, a Portuguese research shown that 95% patients, out of 1000 taking  part in the study, had much better mobility and experienced pain relief, glucosamine can protect our internal organs, keeps our arteries and veins healthy, ease IBS.

How much glucosamine do we need?

Today glucosamine is available in the form of gel, capsules and tablets.
-Rub glucosamine gel into joints or you can add it to your bath before bedtime to soothe your joints.
-1000 mg of  glucosamine is taken in the form of tablets – one to two times per day
-500 mg of glucosamine is taken in the form of capsule – one to two times per day.
-Combination with vitamin C is great for better skin
-Combination with chondroitin is great for arthritis patients in reducing the knee pain

* if you have a shellfish allergy or hypertension – high blood pressure than consider taking glucosamine hydrochloride that is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans and contain less salt. If you are pregnant or breast- feeding consult your doctor before taking this supplement.

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