Mediterranean flourless orange and almond cake


This cake is an easy healthy delicious special and it will serve 10 to 12. No flour in this recipe makes it a suitable for gluten sensitive persons. Orange is healthy, vitamin C alkaline fruit, egg is a  powerhouse providing iron, lutein, vitamins, high quality protein, while almond is rich in healthy vitamin E, calcium, magnesium- combination for super healthy Mediterranean cake!



  • 3 organic oranges, medium size
  • 250g ground almond
  • 6 organic eggs, beaten
  • 250g brown sugar or xylitol – low GI natural sugar so recipe is suitable for the ones with diabetes
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder




    • Put the oranges in a large pot and cover with enough water. Put the lid on and at moderate temperature cook it circa 2 hours. Take them out of water, cool them down, cut and take the seeds out. Roughly chop oranges.
    • Preheat an oven at 190 C. Grease a deep round 20 cm cake (20,5cm) pan or line base with greaseproof paper.
    • In the multiprocessor put oranges, ground almonds, eggs, sugar and baking powder. Gently mix everything together and fold the mixture into prepared pan. Bake it for 50 minutes.
    • Cool the cake in the cake pan  and turn it over on the serving plate.
    • Decorate with mint and enjoy this super cake!

    * this recipe is not suitable to freeze or microwave.



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