Warm-up stretching doesn’t prevent injuries

U.S. scientists believe that warm-up stretching before exercise doesn’t help prevent injuries.
Scientists from an orthopaedic clinic near the U.S. capital reported that their study followed almost 2.750 runners who ran 15 kilometers every Sunday for three months. Half were assigned to stretching for three to five minutes before a run and others were asked not to stretch at all.
The study found that stretching before running had no effect on whether runners sustained an injury or not. The most significant risk factors were a history of chronic injury or recent injury and higher body mass index.

The study was presented at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons’ Annual Meeting by Dr. Daniel Pereles who said: ‘’ As a runner myself, I have always thought that stretching before a run would prevent injuries. However, we discovered that the risk of injuries was the same for men and women, whether or not they were high or low mileage runners and regardless of their age.’’

Experts usually recommend runners to do some warm-up exercises before a run, such as brisk walking or walking up the stairs.

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