Housework more efficient than the gym

An hour of cleaning up burns 238 calories, for which you need one hour on an exercise bicycle or an hour and ten minutes of lifting weights

A study by Vileda, a household and cleaning products company, has shown that cleaning and tidying burns fat more effectively than exercising at the gym. An hour of cleaning up burns 238 calories, the equivalent of calories contained in a small bar of chocolate or two small glasses of wine.
You would have to spend an hour on an exercise bicycle or an hour and ten minutes lifting weights to burn the same number of calories at the gym. Other alternatives are an hour of dancing or a half an hour of playing football. Although housework seems less charming than soccer or dancing, in today’s time of recession it is a lot more useful because it helps you save twice.

You do not have to pay a subscription for the gym, and you will save the money that you pay to the cleaning lady while your apartment will be clean and tidy. Moreover, you are saving time because you do not have to go to your gym as you are ‘’training’’ in the comfort of your own home. However, you must have a really big apartment or house to mop the floor for an hour!
The study was conducted among the people who use Vileda products, and it showed that housework helps us to stay fit and in some cases even to lose weight.

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