The five best foods for optimal Oral Health


When it comes to the health of our teeth, our concern is rather low. We focus on our diet when we try get back into our shape, or get motivated enough to have the hot summer body, but if not for that do we really pay attention to what we eat? No. And for the matter of our teeth, what we eat is the most important deciding factor of its health. Time and again we have been told that sugary food is bad for our teeth. And it is true. This is due to the bacteria in the mouth which converts sugars and carbohydrates into acids. The acids then attack the enamel on the teeth which leads to the decaying.


When  we continuously expose our teeth to the bacteria, the decay becomes bad, the pulp is inflamed and infected. If this is left untreated, the infection gets worse and needs surgical intervention. Quite a times the tooth may actually need to be pulled out. At such times, the patient considers root canal treatment. The root canal treatment usually requires 1 to 3 doctor visits for proper tooth extraction followed by an implant. There are various hospitals that provide the best root canal treatments in Delhi. According to a survey in 2016, the root canal treatments have a success rate of more than 95%.  In fact, if the tooth and the surrounding gums are kept healthy with good oral hygiene, the natural tooth can last a lifetime without further treatment.


Here’s a list of healthy food items that can help you maintain your oral health at its best condition:


  • Cheese– Cheese is one such food item that is loved by both the kids and the adults. Apart from its taste, the food item has many advantages when consumed. Cheese is high in phosphate and calcium. It helps in neutralizing the acid in the mouth which stops the bacteria from attacking the tooth and kills the chances of tooth decay. This also prevents them from cavities and gum diseases.


  • Tea– Both black and green tea contains compounds called polyphenols. This compound slows down the growth of the bacteria that is associated with cavities and gum diseases. Green tea is also believed to help get rid of bad breath. Green tea is rich in catechins that kill the bacteria causing plaque and prevents the gum from cavities or any other diseases.


  • Sesame Seeds– The seeds are a rich source of calcium which of course is the best for our teeth and gums. Many people apply the sesame seed oil on their teeth to fight plaque and decrease gingivitis. The oil is usually gargled in the mouth for two to three minutes and is then spit out. The whole purpose of oil pulling is to remove the oil- soluble toxins from the body.


  • Carrots– Carrots are crunchy, healthy vegetable. They are full of fiber. Eating a handful of raw carrots after the meal increases saliva production in the mouth, which reduces the risk of cavities. Carrots contain keratin’s which prevent the tooth from decay. They are the most effective when eaten in between the meals and the brushing.


  • Kiwis– Most fruits contain Vitamin C, which plays an important role in maintaining the health of the gum tissue. Kiwis have the highest amount of Vitamin C. In the absence of the vitamin, the collagen in the gum breaks down and becomes more tender and prone to the bacteria attack.


These five food sources are a good way to prevent your teeth from decay. But in case, your tooth already has cavities or you develop cavities even after consuming the mentioned foods, you must consider paying a visit to the dentist. Root canal treatments in Delhi are affordable and with a high success rate.

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