The Best Natural Remedies for Stomach

There are numerous symptoms that can manifest the presence of gastric problems. Some of the most frequent symptoms are indigestion, loss of appetite, increased levels of acid in stomach, bloating, gastric pain.

If one of these symptoms is bothering you, or even more symptoms at the same time, we recommend you to find a solution for your health problem in nature or in natural remedies.

These are natural remedies that will be the most effective in the treatment of gastric problems:

–          Buckwheat flour:

In order to use a buckwheat flour for the treatment of gastric problems, you need to take one tablespoon of buckwheat flour and to chew it a few minutes and then to swallow it. But be careful in order to avoid choking if crumbles of buckwheat flour reach your windpipe.

When you are chewing buckwheat flour, a buckwheat will release mucus which will, when you swallow it, sheathe the walls of your stomach and it will mitigate or completely remove all gastric problems that you have. It is necessary to chew a buckwheat flour once a day every day, if your gastric problems are chronic, and once a day optionally if you have gastric problems from time to time.

–          Fresh glair

In completely the same way as buckwheat flour one fresh glair also will help you. It is necessary to chew a fresh glair for a few minutes and then to swallow it. During a prolonged contact with your saliva, a glair will also produce a mucus structure which will sheathe the walls of your stomach.

Like a buckwheat flour, you can also chew a glair once a day every day or once a day periodically, depending of the frequency of symptoms.

–          Flaxseed

Flaxseed is very effective natural remedy for gastric problems and it has been very beneficial in the treatment of the most complicated gastric problems, such as a stomach ulcer.

In order to use flaxseed as a remedy for stomach, you need to take one tablespoon of flaxseed and to soak it in 200 milliliters of water. When you do that, wait two or three hours, until the flaxseed swells. When it swells, eat one tablespoon of this mixture three times a day before every meal. After a few days you will forget all gastric problems you had.

It is necessary to use this remedy every day when you have gastric problems.

What is important to say is that people who are allergic to flax should not consume flaxseed.

–          Mixture of honey, cocoa, fresh juice of aloe and butter:

You can use the mixture of these ingredients as a medicinal agent for stomach, if you have problems with indigestion and bloating.

You need to mix 100 grams of honey, 100 grams of cocoa powder and 100 grams of butter and two tablespoons of fresh juice of aloe (the juice from aloe leaves). It is good to mix all these ingredients and to put in fridge that mixture. Every day, before every meal, eat one tablespoon of this mixture. Soon you will forget on your problems with digestion and bloating.

–          Fresh cabbage juice

Fresh cabbage juice is also a very effective natural remedy for gastric problems and diseases.

You need to clean and put in blender one head of fresh cabbage (of medium size), in order to chop it. Squeeze the chopped cabbage to obtain juice from it. Divide the juice into three glasses in three equal amounts.

Half an hour before every meal drink the juice from one glass. The cabbage juice relieves acid level in the interior of the stomach. At the same time, this juice helps in regeneration of the cells of stomach tissues. So, it is obvious that cabbage juice improves the gastric functions, relieves the stomach pain and, what is the most important, permanently cures the damages that have been created on the stomach walls.

You should drink this juice every day, several days (about seven to ten days), in order to feel the maximum of its effectiveness.

–          Mixture of sour milk and honey

This mixture is used as a natural remedy for gastritis, but also helps actively in the treatment of other gastric problems.

To prepare it correctly, it is necessary to put in a jar the compact mixture of one kilo of sour milk and a kilo of honey (you can use any type of honey). After putting the mixture into the jar, close the jar tightly and keep it in fridge.

Every morning, before you have breakfast, eat 150 to 200 grams of this mixture.

After eating the whole amount of prepared mixture from sour milk and honey, the symptoms of gastritis should have gone completely.

During the period of the treatment of gastric diseases you should avoid foods that have a negative impact on stomach. Those are spicy foods, such as meat products, but also coffee and alcoholic drinks.

Also, reduce consuming cigarettes and walk more often. Believe or not, long sitting can cause digestive problems.

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