The Best Natural Cough Remedies

Cough, especially if it is dry or chronic, can greatly exhaust your body. Beside that, if not treated or rehabilitated in time, it can cause the formation of a number of serious diseases such as pneumonia for example. In order to mitigate cough and then to cure it completely, we suggest you to apply a treatment with some of natural remedies, which we will reveal and describe below.

Which are those natural remedies and how can we use them?

We have singled out a few natural remedies for cough which are the most effective. Look which are those natural remedies.

Dandelion honey

Actually, dandelion honey is a product that you can prepare yourself, combining fresh flowers of dandelion, sugar, water and lemon.

Of course, in order to do that, you need to know exactly which are the necessary amounts of ingredients and the exact process for preparing. We will reveal it to you.

For the preparation of this honey, you will need:

–          Two hundred flowers of fresh dandelions,

–          Two kilos of sugar,

–          Two liters of water,

–          Two lemons.

When all the necessary ingredients are prepared, you can start preparing the honey of dandelion:

Wash fresh dandelion flowers in cold water. Then, squeeze them and pour them with two liters of water. Cook them until boiling and twenty minutes after that. Then, move the saucepan from the burner and drain the content. Add two kilos of sugar in the water from which you have removed dandelion flowers. Return the saucepan to the burner and continue cooking it with constant stirring of content until the amount of sugar and water halves. When the amount is halved, add two lemons that you have cut into slices.

Continue cooking again until you notice that the mixture in the saucepan has a density of honey. Put the hot mixture into the jars sterilized previously. Close the jars tightly and store them in a dark, cool place.

Eat one tablespoon of dandelion honey every day once or twice a day (the best is in the morning and in the evening). Repeat this several days and annoying and persistent cough will disappear.

The important fact is that diabetics can not use this natural remedy for cough.

Ginger tea with honey

If you drink this tea several times daily and if you drink it every day, you will easily solve the problem with coughing.

It’s necessary that 250 milliliters of water boils and then you need to grate about 20 grams of fresh and washed ginger. Cover the tea and let it steep about 10 minutes. Then, drain it and add one tablespoon of honey and drink it while it is hot. You can find ginger tea with honey here.

Tea of onion

Tea of onion has been used for decades as a remedy for cough.

To prepare it, you need to take one big and unpeeled onion, to wash it and to cut it into quarters with a peel on it.

Then, put that onion in a half liter of water and cook it until the colour of water becomes reddish brown. Then, strain the tea, cool it down and drink it during the day.

The next day, you will notice its effects on the symptoms of cough.

The effect will be more positive if you add one teaspoon of honey and if you add one unpeeled nut and one clove of garlic during the time of cooking.

This tea is especially recommended for children that have a problem with dry cough or bronchitis.

Marshmallow tea

Aside from the tea of onion, the marshmallow tea is also very effective and it has been used for decades as a natural remedy for cough.

For the preparation of this tea, you need two hundred milliliters of boiling water and one tablespoon of dry marshamallow root (you can buy it in every store of healthy food).

Pour one tablespoon of marshmallow root with almost boiling water. Cover it and let it steep for two hours. Then, strain the tea and drink it during the day.

Like the tea of onion, this tea is also widely recommended for children which have problem with dry cough or bronchitis.

Syrup of laurel

Syrup of laurel is also considered and proved as one of the most effective remedies for cough.

For its preparation you need:

-six to ten dry leaves of laurel,

-six tablespoons of sugar,

-juice of one freshly squeezed lemon,

-two hundred and fifty milliliters of water.

The process of preparation of this syrup is described below:

Put the water on the burner to boil. When the water boils put the dry leaves of laurel in it. Return the water to the burner, cover the saucepan and continue cooking eight minutes more. After that, strain the content from the saucepan and add the juice of lemon and sugar. Mix it (mix until the sugar melts completely) and then put the syrup in the glass bottle or jar, close it and wait until it cools down. Keep that syrup in the fridge.

Every day (the best is before meals), once or twice, you should take a tablespoon of this syrup. If you give the marshamallow syrup to children, give them one tablespoon of it, once or twice a day, before meal.

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