Smoking damages your heart

Smoking is most definitely the greatest risk factor in many diseases, coronary diseases included, and all methods you decide to undertake to quit smoking are worth the effort. Did you know that female smokers at any age have twice as high a risk of heart attack?
According to the data by the World Health Organization, 25 percent of female smokers will die of some smoking-related disease. Smoking causes blood vessels to lose elasticity and thin, which increases the risk of high blood pressure and peripheral vascular disease. This in turn reduces the blood flow down to your legs and increases the risk of cardiac arrest and stroke.

Today we know that 19 percent of coronary diseases and 46 percent of cases of increased cholesterol are related to smoking. As hard as it is to quit smoking, perhaps the following facts will stimulate you: after a year of non-smoking the risk of coronary disease will be reduced by half and after 15 years of non-smoking your body will on average be in the same condition as in a woman of your age who has never smoked!
A nutritional approach that will help you quit smoking will be mostly based on low GI foods. These will regulate your blood sugar levels and the most important foods in this group are vitamin B group-rich foods.
And again, I recommend oats for breakfast, as this is also the best breakfast when quitting smoking because it contains plenty of vitamins B. This group of vitamins is known to have relaxing effects (and we know there will be plenty of nervousness, irritability and blood sugar level oscillations in the beginning), along with tryptophan-rich foods, such as bananas, beans, turkey, wheat bran, avocado…which are processed in the body into the “happiness hormone” – serotonin.

*Taken from the book ‘The nutrition for the 21st century for Woman’ by Dr.Leyla K.Kreho

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