Liver diseases diet

Liver, as an organ, is subject to many diseases caused by external provocatives, way of life, or they arise as the effect of some patological processes in organism, products of which are metabolised in liver, and damage it that way. Most frequent liver diseases are: acute and chronical viral hepatitis (caused by viris type A, B and C), alcoholic liver disease toxic and medicamenotosic liver damages, liver fibrosis (cirrhosis of the liver) (alcoholic cirrhosis, billary cirrhosis and Willson’s cirrhosis) and liver tumors.

Regardless of the etiology of liver disease, with specific treatment for each of them, medical diet for liver diseases is unitary.

Allowed food and drinks:

SOUPS: Fat free meat soup, vegetable soup (you can cook all sorts of pasta, rice amd semolina in the soup).

MEAT: Low fat veal,low fat baby beef, low fat (white) fish, poultry.

VEGETABLES: Potato (cooked, mashed), spinach, cauliflower, carrots, kohlrabi, asparagus, zucchini, Swiss chard, tomato, fresh cucumbers.

DOUGHT: All sorts of bread, buns, pastries, biscuit, pretzels, pancakes, all sorts of cooked pasta, rice and semolina noodles, puddings.

FRUIT: All sorts of fruit (fresh and cooked), compotes and fruit juices.

DESSERTS: Rice and semolina soufflés, marmelades, jams, honey.

OTHER DISHES: Semolina, rice, corn flour, oat flakes, green cow cheese, eggs. Beans, turnip, savoy, cabbage, lentil amd radish are allowed only if the patient can tolerate them.

DRINKS: Tea, coffee (as mild as possible), still mineral water, milk, hot chocolate. It is allowed to use 2.1 – 2.8 ounces of fat for daily food preparation, and that should be oil or butter. The dish can be moderately salted unless the doctor prescribes (due to other laboratory values) salt free meals.

One shouldn’t eat too hot meals or take drinks that are too hot. The dish should be tastful and versatile so the patient can eat prescribed daily quantity. One should eat more times a day.

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Carbohydrates and proteins shold take the first place in the diet (flour, rice, semolina, marmelade, jam, honey, fruit juices, low fat baby beef and veal, green cow cheese, eggs, milk). Daily meal should contain 4,2 – 5,2 ounces of proteins, and only 2,1 – 2,8 ounces of fat, the rest of the meal should be carbohydrates. FOR THE REFERENCE: 10,5 ounces of meat = 2,1 ounces of proteins, 8,8 ounces of green cow cheese = 1,4 ounces of proteins, 1 liter of milk = 1,2 ounces of proteins.

Prohibited food and drinks:

  • Lard and goose pates, bacon, butter, marge (which is not low-fat), suet
  • Dried and smoked meat, sausages, pork, beef with fat, ducks, geese, goose liver, salami
  • cracklings, canned meat, caviar, carp
  • Garlic sauce, onion sauce, mustard, mayonnaise, any baking and frying sauces
  • Any aged/fat/dried cheese
  • Almonds, walnuts and hazels
  • Chilli pappers, paprika, strong spices and dressings, pepper, nutmeg

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