Influence of probiotics on our health

Our health starts in intestines (immunity, skin health, organs health and the absorbed vitamins and minerals). Ideal ratio of intestinal flora is 85% of „friendly“, good bacteria and 15% of decay bacteria. Unfortunately, nowdays many people have reverse ratio which leads to perturbnce of balance in organism. The effect of intestinal disbiosis is autointoxication i.e. the body poisons itself. Organism reacts badly to certain viands i.e. it becomes hypersensitive to those viands, skin problems also occur, immune system is disturbed and there is most often macro and micro nutrients deficiency.

Good ratio of good and bad bacteria creates slightly acid environment in the intestines which enables reproduction of bacteria and thus health and better usage of intestines. Digestion and intestinal peristalsis are also much better. Vitamin B12 is synthesized in the intestines with the help of good bacteria, the vitamin is important and responsible for DNA synthesis. Deficiency of B12 can lead to megaloblastic anemia and nerve damage.

The latest research show that sufficient number of probiotics in the intestines, i.e. good bacteria in intestines, stimulate production of grater quantities os CLA which is also used as supplement for disintegration of hypodermic fat tissue from stomach and hip area. So, probiotics will help you in fat loss diets. It is good to start any natural therapy with probiotics, even if you don’t have intestinal problems because they help natural preparations’ absorbtion. A good probiotic should contain large number of good bacteria. Probiotics and cultures it should contain are: LGG, ACIDOPHYLUS and BBL

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