How to rejuvenate our skin

The skin accounts for 2 square meters of our body and it is the mirror reflection of the first signs of ageing. The production of cells decreases over time, the epidermis gets thinner, the cells retain less water, the skin loses elasticity, wrinkles appear and facial lines become deeper. We grow old, that is, we become more mature. The way in which our skin ages is somewhat determined by our genes (let us not forget that genes account for only one fourth of changes), but our lifestyle is crucial in this regard. Insufficient sleep, continuous stress, the yo-yo effect of poor diets, alcohol and smoking – these are all causes of skin ageing, but these can all be controlled.


How many times have you noticed that when you are tired or deprived of sleep, your face looks different and your skin loses its glow? Yes, a good sleep is one of the most important factors affecting your skin appearance. Let us not forget that skin renews itself – new cells are generated over 24 hours and new cells that are produced in the basal layer of the epidermis travel towards the top layer. This process lasts for 28 days and only one quality night’s sleep gives visible results. So, just imagine what would happen if you could provide yourselves with a month of good night’s sleep – your skin would be fresher, tighter and younger-looking.

Agitation and fatigue – the signs of stress leave marks on our skin. This has been proven in numerous studies. When a woman is going through a period of prolonged stress, the ability of skin to regenerate its protective barrier and the flow of nutrients relevant for the skin cells are hampered.
When we are going through stressful times, we rarely think of how we eat and if we gobble foods up without chewing them completely – the result is that the nutrients from food cannot be fully digested and a larger part of these goes to the muscles and tissues that require energy most, leaving a lesser part for the skin cells.
Facial massage can help, as it improves the lymph flow and removes the toxins from the skin. Circular finger movements can be applied to rub some sweet almond oil in and this will aid to soothing your skin. Geranium oil will boost your circulation and will balance the production of fats if your skin is oily or dry.


1. wild trout
2. flax seeds or flax seed oil
3. carrot
4. orange juice
5. apple
6. almonds
7. chickpeas
8. melon
9. pepper
10. avocado


  • Turkey, fish, cottage cheese, beans, avocado and banana to increase the serotonin level (the happiness hormone).
  • Eat more lettuce before going to bed because it contains a natural sedative called lactucarium, which provides a deep sleep.
  • Miraculous oats are good for breakfast, as they provide us with energy, internal organ health and outer beauty and they are also effective against insomnia. Eat some oats with organic rice milk and sliced banana for a light evening meal.
  • If you have trouble with sugar levels and this keeps you awake at night, have a glass of warm milk before going to bed or eat a banana and a wholegrain flour cracker with some honey.
  • Eat two celery sticks.

From’ Nutrition for the 21st Century for Woman’ by Dr.Leyla K.Kreho

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