Herbs for Health: Natural ways to strengthen immunity

During flu season, the period of viruses and cold weather, it is the right time to mend everything that was destroyed by winter. We should simply turn to nature and use the best of it.

For centuries all kinds of herbs have been used for treatments of general weakness, fatigue and similar problems caused by chronic, long-term diseases in both folk medicine and science. Herbs with harsh taste, those that contain tannin,  have the highest value. Many bitter non-toxic herbs are used in order to improve appetite and thus to strenghten organism. Domestic herbs that contain tannin together with bitter and aromatic ingredients are appreciated both in science and folk medicine. In this rich recipe we may sometimes find herbs that contain non-toxic bitter substances which improve appetite by stimulating organs of digestion and thus enhancing the secretion of saliva, gastric juices and other huge variety of enzymes essential to the fast and digestion.

Domestic harsh and bitter herbs (plants) for strenghtening which are most frequently used are: the nettle leaf and root, knot grass, Lungwort (pulmonaria species), herb Robert (Geranium Robertium, Red Robin), comfrey, dead nettle (lamium), agrimony, vervain, wall germander, mountain germander, broad leaved dock, verbena, chicory, European Barberry, oak bark, acorn and pinecone, wallnut shell.

These plants can be prepared in various ways, and the best way is to acidify them for ten days in stale red wine. These potions should be taken three times a day, one small cup half an hour before meals.

Bitter herbs for strenghtening

Nowadays plants that contain pectin such as quince, medlar, wild apples and pears, orange and lemon peel are used extensively. For instance, apple peel contains 17 and orange peel 25% of pectin. This is why they are used for extraction of pectin in industry, since pectin (poliuronic complex colloidal substance) is ever more used against summer diarhorreas and general weakness and fatigue, especially among children.

Domestic plants

It is important to note that phytotheraphist and doctors who advocate the use of herbs in medical treatments in France, Germany and other countries of Western Europe higly appreciate bitter herbs for strenghtening the oragnism.

It is especially important to mention those domestic plants that grow in abundance and are used in Western Europe for the preparation of both simple and complex potions for strenghtening, particulary various tonic wines, extracts and the like. Among bitter herbs, willow gentian and common centaury are especially appreciated; then blessed thistle, menthyathens (bog-bean), chicory, European barberry, fumitory, dandelion, artichoke, various sorts of broad leaved dock, asperula, wall germander, wormwood, white horehound, sunflower, hop cones, verbena, wild wormwood and other bitter herbs.

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