Helicobacter Pylori Infection – Symptoms and Therapy for Natural Treatment

Helicobacter pylori belongs to the group of Gram-negative bacterium and has a spiral shape.

This bacterium usually attacks the stomach but it can also be found in human stool, saliva and plaque. Very often the infected animals can also be transmitters of this bacterium.

Helicobacter pylori is also called “the disease of dirty hands” because it is being developed in unsanitary conditions and it can penetrate into human body through dirty hands.

In this article you can read about the symptoms that manifest the presence of this bacterium in the body, about health problems caused by this bacterium and how to treat it the natural way.

Which are the symptoms of the presence of helicobacter pylori in the body?

The presence of helicobacter pylori can remain unnoticed and undetected for months and even for years. Such presence of this bacterium in the body is called passive presence. At the moment when this presence becomes active, it means that an infection caused by helicobacter pylori has developed in the body and then we can notice the first symptoms.

The symptoms of the infection with helicobacter pylori are:

– Bloating,

– Constant and very strong feeling of nausea,

– Hearthburn,

– Indigestion,

– Abdominal pain (sometimes also intestinal pain)

– Constipation,

– Bad breath,

– Vomiting,

– Drastic loss of appetite,

– The occurrence of traces of blood in the stool

What is important is that the symptoms are not only physical, but also psychological.

Specifically, apart from the above mentioned physical symptoms, there are also psychological symptoms:

– Feeling of chronic fatigue of the body,

– Loss of life energy,

– Chronic disorder of sleep,

– Depression (expressed through the loss of the will to live),

– Anxiety (expressed through sensitivity to sounds, constant agitation, nervousness, etc.)

It is very important to say that the intensity of symptoms largely depends on the strength of the immune system of a person infected with helicobacter pylori. Also, the intensity of symptoms depends on a person’s age, her general health status and the stage of infection development.

Sometimes there is a whole range of associated symptoms and they are becoming more and more intense, but sometimes there is only one symptom of a mild intensity.

It is important to recognize the symptoms and to start the treatment as soon as possible.

If not treated on time, helicobacter pylori can cause serious health complications.

Which health complications can be caused by the presence of helicobacter pylori in the body?

The presence of helicobacter pylori in the body can cause the next health complications:

– Gastritis,

– Gastric ulcer,

– Duodenal ulcer,

– Gastric cancer.

In order to prevent the occurrence of health complications caused by helicobacter pylori in the body, take the right steps and treat this bacterial infection on time or as soon as you discover the first symptoms.

Helicobacter pylori infection is treated with antibiotics, combining two types of antibiotics at the same time, but also with other drugs, such as probiotics and proton pump inhibitors (these are the drugs for regulating the level of acidity in the stomach flora).

Helicobacter pylori infection can be treated the natural way or with the natural products.

The natural treatment of helicobacter pylori infection

In order to treat the infection with helicobacter pylori the natural way, it is necessary to use some of the next natural products:

  1. Flax seeds

Soak one tablespoon of flax seeds in 200 milliliters of water. Let it steep two to three hours and then strain it. Before each meal take one tablespoon of seeds. Using this product you will reduce the intensity of symptoms, you will cover the walls of your stomach and the bacterium will die.

  1. Cabbage juice

Take a medium sized head of cabbage. Clean it, chop it and place it in a blender. Strain the chopped cabbage and divide it into three equal amounts. Drink before each meal one-third of the resulting juice. In this way, you will rebuild the stomach tissue that becomes damaged in the presence of infection with helicobacter pylori.

  1. Propolis

Three times a day, before each meal, pour ten drops of propolis in 200 milliliters of water and drink it. Propolis has natural antibiotic effect and it will be very effective in the treatment of helicobacter pylori infection.

During the use of propolis, don’t take antibiotics.

Honey can also help in the treatment of this bacterial infection . So, try to eat honey every day or you can dissolve it in water and drink it.

What is also important to say and what is related to the process of the treatment of helicobacter pylori infection is that during the presence of this infection, you must avoid eating foods that cause increased secretion of gastric acid and foods that are very acidic. In particular, avoid eating chocolate, snacks, fatty and spicy foods. Also, do not drink alcohol and reduce the consumption of cigarettes. In order to make this treatment more effective, it is necessary that your diet is balanced and designed for the purpose of the treatment of bacterial infection.

Enhanced stress can also cause helicobacter pylori infection in the body. That happens because enhanced stress can cause the increased secretion of gastric acid.

Because of that, try to avoid stress and that’s how you will improve your health.

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