Food that can seriously harm your kidneys

You must have heard that not all food is good for your kidneys. Some food can harm them, and even cause irreversible damage if you are not careful. If you have kidney problems you should consult your doctor or nutritionist about what food you should eat, and what food should be avoided as much as possible.

Foods like blueberries, cabbage, red bell peppers, strawberries, egg whites, etc., are extremely healthy for your kidneys. They improve kidney function and prevent kidney stones because of their useful substances.
However, we wanted to warn you about the food you should avoid. On the first place of the list of hazardous ingredients is, surely, salt. Food which is too salty causes great harm to your healthin general, you are at greater risk of not only kidney failure, but also heart attack and stroke if you are frequently eating salty food.

Salt and kidneys

The function of kidneys in our organism is to filter our blood and remove unwanted substances into our bladder, so they are taken out of our body as urine. Salty food increases level of sodium in our blood. And that way the balance of sodium and potassium in our blood, necessary for normal kidney functioning, is disturbed, so our kidneys need to strain to take all harmful substances out of our blood. Over time such straining can have devastating consequences. If you have kidney problems you should avoid salted nibbles, canned soups, cooking food with much salt.

The dangers of high potassium levels in our blood

We have already explained that potassium and sodium levels balance is essential for kidneys’ health, so, as well as too much salt, too much potassium rich food can also harm our kidneys by disturbing that fine balance they need to obtain their normal function. Potassium rich foods are: fresh fruit; like oranges, bananas, prunes, fresh vegetables like; tomatoes, and green leaves vegetables, red meat, fish, wholemeal cereals, so, be moderate in their consumption if you have kidney disease.

Some other types of food you should be careful with

We all know that dairy products are good for our health, they are calcium rich and calcium builds our bones. But, did you know calcium helps build kidney stones too? So, consult your doctor about the quantity of dairy products you should eat/drink if you have kidney problems. High – protein foods are also harmful if you have slight kidney problems, so limit meats in your diet (chicken, beef, pork..). if you have already undergoe the dialysis you can eat meat. As for the kidney stones problems you should limit the intake of oxalates rich foods like: almonds, spinach, soy, Swiss chard, apples, figs, parsley, peanuts, etc.

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