Cherry anti-aging

Cherries lower bad cholesterol which contributes to the development of atherosclerosis and causes heart attack and stroke.

Cherries have always been used as a cure for arthritis and food for good sleep. The Greeks are responsible for growing cherries, and Roman legions for their distribution in Europe. Cherries are on the third place among fruits when it comes to lowering bad cholesterol which contributes to the development of atherosclerosis and causes heart attack and stroke. Fresh cherries are excellent for eliminating physical and mental fatigue while sour cherries eliminate bad mood rapidly. Cherries should not be eaten before meals because they may have bad effect on digestion of other food. After eating cherries, one should not drink liquids, especially beer or alcohol. Cherries contain cellulose, thus they regulate digestion and because of large amounts of water and potassium they help eject water from the body and improve functioning of kidneys, bile and liver. They also help maintaining our heart in good shape and prevent cancer.

Against rheumatism and heart illnesses

Drink one glass of fresh cherry juice three times a day for eight days. It helps with rheumatism, problems with ejaculation, bad blood count, goitrous condition, kidney stones, cancer, lumbago, infections, heart diseases, spleen and problems with peripheral nervous system.

To relieve pain

Anthocyanins from cherries block inflammation and reduce pain. This is why only 20 cherries are ten times more effective than aspirin and have positive effect on arthritic pain.

Cherry stem tea for kidneys

Tea is made of cherry stems for better urinating on the occurrence of kidney stones. Put three tablespoons of cherry stems in a liter of boiling water and boil for 2 minutes. Leave it for 15 minutes, then strain it and drink throughout the day.

For bones and weight loss

Cherry is a source of microelement boron (396μg/100g), which combined with calcium and magnesium does good for bones. Since they contain very few calories, no fat and plenty of water, many people use them in diets for weight loss and they are recommended for diabetics. Cherries purify blood and recharge energy. One cherry has only 4 calories, equal amounts of carbohydrates and proteins, and contains no fat.

Miraculous B17

Cherry seeds contain small quantity of vitamin B17 which is considered to affect the reduction of tumors as well as prevent their spreading and relieve pain caused by cancer.

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