Breuss Cancer Cure Treatment – Breuss Tea and Juice

Breuss treatment was invented by Rudolf Breuss, an australian doctor. This treatment includes the method of healthy body starvation, whose aim is to heal the body and to eliminate malignant tumors.

However, Breuss treatment can be also applied if your body isn’t seriously ill, but if you want to detoxify it completely. The length of the application of Breuss treatment depends on the reasons for applying it.

How long should the application of Breuss treatment last?

In order to cure any type of tumor in the body, the application of Breuss treatment should last for 42 days continously. This period shouldn’t be shorter, interrupted or longer if you want this treatment to be efficient .

Some studies have shown that in some cases Breuss treatment, which lasted for 21 days, cured infertility in both men and women.

What does Breuss treatment include?

In order for you to be completely acquainted with Breuss treatment, we will try to describe it in detail.

As we have already mentioned at the beginning of the text, this treatment includes the method of healthy body starvation. This starvation means that you should avoid all solid food and consume only Breuss juice combined with Breuss teas for 42 or 21 days. Apart from Breuss juice and tea, you can only drink water.

Consuming the rest of the food and liquids during the application of Breuss treatment isn’t allowed.

If this facts seem very strict for you and if you’re wondering whether you can survive if you avoid all the food, you shouldn’t worry because the answer is absolutely yes.

It’s confirmed by many patients who not only endured the strict rules of Breuss treatment, but they were also cured from malignant tumors completely after its application.

In 1986, only a few years after this method had begun to be applied worldwide, more than 40,000 people was cured from different types of tumors.

Which way does Breuss treatment work?

By detailed cancer research, doctor Breuss found out that carcinogenic tissue, after it appears in the body, behaves as a self-reliant pathogenic tissue that feeds itself with the proteins from solid food. During the application of Breuss treatment, that is, when you don’t eat solid food, a carcinogenic tissue can’t be fed anymore, so its development in the body is disabled.

At the same time, during the application of Breuss treatment, the body takes proteins from the carcinogenic tissue and that way it destroys cancer completely. So, in 42 days of the application of Breuss treatment, a person suffering from any cancer type becomes completely healthy.

What is Breuss juice and how is it prepared?

Breuss juice is a mixture of juice made of various root plants that contain enough nutrients that are essential for life and for maintaining normal bodily functions.

Breuss juice is made following a strictly determined recipe. The recipe is the following:

– 300g of fresh beet,

– 100g of fresh carrots,

– 100g of fresh celery root,

– about 30g of fresh black radishes.

If the juice is used for liver cancer treatment, one fresh, peeled and egg-sized potato should be added. It isn’t necessary for other cancer types.

In order to make Breuss’s juice, wash, cut into tiny pieces and put into a juicer all the plants. Then, after you strained the juice in the juicer, strain it twice either through a thick strainer or a gauze that is folded a few times. That way all the sediment is removed and only the liquid part, that is, the strained part of the mixture is consumed. Removing the sediment is important because that way the solid particles, from which the carcinogenic tissue may take food, are also removed. Cancer can’t take food from Breuss juice and, as we have already emphasized, it dies out and completely dissapears from the body.

Which way  is Breuss juice consumed and in what amount?

You should drink not less and not more then 500ml of Breuss juice a day. It’s very important to consume this juice properly.

Breuss juice is consumed the following way:

Make the daily dosis of juice in the morning and divide it into as many daily amounts as you can. You should drink the largest amount in the morning.

Drink each amount of the juice with a tablespoon, as with soup. Before you swallow every sip, you should keep it in your mouth and mix with your saliva.

After you consume Breuss juice in the morning, you should drink the rest of the juice throughout the day as many times as you can.

It’s recommended to be consumed even 10 to 15 times throughout the day, every time you are hungry. You should drink a few tablespoons of the juice every time the same way.

During the rest of the day, it’s necessary to drink Breuss tea.

What is Breuss tea and how is it made?

Breuss tea is made using the following herbal mixture:

– A tablespoon of dried sage,

– A pinch of dried lemon balm,

– A pinch of dried mint,

– A pinch of dried St John’s wort.


Put the sage into 500ml of water and brew it. After the water boils, brew it for three minutes more. Then remove the mixture from the heat and add the lemon balm, mint and St John’s wort. Cover with a lid and leave it for ten minutes. Then strain and divide into two equal parts. Drink the first part in the morning and the second one before going to bed.

If you want, you can double the daily dosis of the tea. But don’t do it with the daily dosis of Breuss juice.

It’s also important to emphasize that you shouldn’t add sugar, honey or any other sweetener. The same is for lemon juice. You can also drink this tea when it’s cold and once again-you mustn’t drink more than 500ml.

As is with Breuss juice, you should also drink Breuss tea easily, mixing it with your saliva before you swallow it.

An important notice regarding water consumption during the application of Breuss treatment:

The amount of water you consume throughout the day isn’t limited, but it’s very important to drink it slowly, as is with Breuss juice and tea.

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