Best Herbal Tea for Headache

Headache can be caused by many different reasons. Too much stress, sleepiness and chronic fatigue are just some of them.

If headache becomes a common problem and if it’s long-lasting, you may be exhausted and less productive both at work and other daily activities.

However, it’s important to learn how to prevent headache. There are some teas that can help you solve this problem.

What kinds of teas can combat headache?

Mint tea:

Mint tea has a very strong scent that is responsible for relaxation, thanks to which it reduces and eliminates headache. Mint tea is especially efficient if used for combating headache that is caused by stress.

When consuming mint tea for combating headache, inhale its vapour intensively. This will speed up the effects of the tea.

Lavender tea:

Lavender tea is known to reduce and eliminate tension, anxiety, nervousness and similar issues. Having in mind the fact that headache is mostly caused by some of these conditions, it will dissapear soon after you consume lavender tea.

If you want to make this tea, pour 250ml of boiling water over a flat teaspoon of dried lavender. Cover with a lid and leave it for 10 minutes. Then strain and drink in small sips.

St John’s wort tea:

St John’s wort tea is also efficient for combating headache. This tea is prepared as any other tea. So, pour 250ml of boiling water over a teaspoon of St John’s wort tea. Cover with a lid, leave it for 10 minutes and then strain.

Leave it cool down and drink in small sips.

Rosemary tea:

Another kind of tea that can combat headache. This tea is prepared as any other tea and you should drink it while warm.

Cinnamon tea:

Thanks to large amounts of minerals, cinnamon tea is perfect for the treatment of headache. This tea will do wonders for chronic headaches. In order to prepare this tea, you need 250ml of boiling water and a flat teaspoon of cinnamon. Dissolve a flat tablespoon of cinnamon into 250ml of boiling water and drink while still slightly warm.

However, have in mind that you shouldn’t drink more than three cups of cinnamon tea a day since higher amounts of cinnamon in the body may cause some allergies, which may lead to indigestion, diarrea and other stomach problems.

Chamomile tea:

Chamomile tea efficiently eliminates many kinds of pain, such as menstrual pain, mild bone and joint pain and headache. So, if you often suffer from headache, you should always have this tea.

Chamomile tea eliminates all kinds of headaches, especially chronic headache and migraine, which is often followed by nausea.

Black tea:

Black tea is especially efficient for combating headache caused by nervousness and tension. This tea relaxes the body. When you are relaxed, your headache will disappear.

Ginger tea:

Ginger tea not only eliminates headache, but it also keeps it from reappearing, thanks to its property of raising the energy levels. Then headache is less likely to develop.

However, you should know that you mustn’t drink this tea too much since it may cause nausea, vomiting and other complications, such as mouth dryness.

Drink one or two cups of ginger tea a day. In order to prepare it, pour 250ml of boiling water over a teaspoon of crushed ginger root. Cover with a lid, leave it for 10 to 15 minutes, then strain and drink.

If these teas don’t help you eliminate headache, consult your doctor since headache sometimes may be a symptom of some of much serious health conditions.

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