Amazing Castor Oil Benefits and Uses

While the studies are still going on in the field of the benefits that the human kind can derive from Castor Beans, it is no more a secret or a hidden fact that Castor Oil can actually heal many and also improve one’s condition. It can be used as an application on body as well as hair or can also be used as edible oil.

Very few of us would know the fact that castor seeds are also known as mole bean and the same is used to extract oil from it. If we hover through the historical facts we will know that since very early days, or in other words the early centuries too the medicinal benefits of castor oil was known and in fact the Egyptians were the first among the lot to have been able to properly utilise the medicinal benefits that Castor Oil provides, but the best part is that the benefits and the tips of the medicinal role of castor oil could not be kept and secret and soon people throughout the world started using it for healing themselves or improving the way they look.

Also history divulges that during the time of Middle Ages this oil was also used as a vegetable oil by the European to prepare their food. They believed that not only did this oil help make the food tastier and consumable but had additional benefit wherein it contributed to the growth of the tissue in a human body, and not only that but it also helped in repair the tissues as well, this was because of few of the very specific benefits that this provided.

The following in bullet points are the regular benefits of castor oil, and which is why it is widely used throughout the world in the present era:

• The first and foremost benefit of castor oil which was found useful in the day to day life is that it can be used as a laxative and will also help in the time of constipation if a person takes it in through the mouth.

• Your wrinkle problem, mole problem as well as the famous and stubborn acne problem can also be solved with the help of this oil when you apply the same on your skin from outside.

Castor oil can also be used to treat eye problems, and is often included in hair oil as it helps tremendously in the growth of hair.

• Some serious benefits of castor oil include the major function it plays in curbing tumours, and can also help in dissolving cists.

How can you use this oil, well these days most of us apply it on the body, or recommend it to be used during the body massage sessions, we can use it to massage along the spine, our abdomen or we can also take it in, or in other words swallow it with along with warm water, which will benefit us in numerous ways.

The countries specifically involved in growing castor beans are India and Brazil, but one should keep it in mind that castor beans are poisonous and should not be swallowed directly.

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