A dog for a healthier heart

Did you know that people who own a dog have a lower blood pressure and total cholesterol level and a faster rate of recovery after a heart attack compared to people who do not have a dog?
In general, people who have some sort of a pet are less prone to depression, especially at a later age. Studies show that having a pet around (selfpetcare) is much better for your health than having a friend or a member of family. This is not only because people who have a pet are much more physically active and spend more time outside, but also because a pet offers an unconditional and disencumbering loyalty! Therefore, think just how many animals around us are abandoned and need our love and how in return, their love and presence will only strengthen our physical and mental health!

*Taken from the book ‘The nutrition for the 21st century for Woman’ by Dr.Leyla K.Kreho

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