8 Natural Remedies for Headaches and Migraines

Frequent and severe headaches can greatly reduce the quality of your life. They can reduce not only your productivity in performing the daily tasks, but also your desire to socialize and communicate with the loved ones. Simply, when you have a headache, your concentration is reduced and you have a feeling of nervousness and irritability and everything annoys you.

In order to get rid of a headache, you certainly use the medications that relieve a pain quickly and easily.

But, if your headaches are frequent and if you use medications very often, that is not good for your health.

The frequent use of medications disturbs the function of liver and kidney, irritates the stomach and you get one very bad habit.

Because of that, we recommend you to treat a headache on different, completely healthy and natural way. We recommend you to start using natural remedies for headache.

Which are those natural remedies for headache?

There is a big number of natural remedies for headache. These are the most effective of them:

–          Turkish coffee with lemon:

It sounds like a bad combination of flavors, which actually is, but it removes the headache very effectively.

It is necessary to cook one cup of stronger Turkish coffee and to squeeze in it one fresh lemon. Drink it warm, the same way as you would normally drink a coffee. A headache should disappear soon.

–          Massage of temples and forehead with essential oil

This method of treating a headache is very simple and very effective. What is the most important, you can do it wherever you are, no matter if you are at home or you are on your job or on some other place.

All that is necessary is to have some of the following essential oils at hand:

– Essential peppermint oil,

– Essential oil of eucalyptus,

– Lavender essential oil,

– Chamomile essential oil.

When you have decided which essential oil you want to use, take a few drops of the oil, rub it and warm it between your thumb and forefinger and then rub the oil on the temples and forehead. A pleasant smell of essential oil and its effect on the skin will make that your headache disappear completely.

Aside from that, you will notice that your mood is better.

–         Rosemary Tea

Tea of rosemary is very effective as a natural agent for treating a headache. In order to prepare it and to use it correctly, you need to pour one teaspoon of the tea (or one filter bag) with about 200 milliliters of water.

Cover the pot in which the tea is and let it steep for about ten minutes. After that, strain the tea and drink it warm. That will calm down and eliminate the symptoms of a headache.

–          Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is also very effective natural remedy for headache.

For its preparation you need about twenty grams of cleaned and washed fresh root of ginger and 250 milliliters of water.

Put the water on a burner to boil, and after boiling, grate in it 20 grams of ginger. Cover it and let it steep about ten minutes. After ten minutes, strain the tea and drink it. This tea will be especially effective if you add in it a juice of one half of freshly squeezed lemon.

–          Massage of forehead and temples with fresh potatoes

This natural remedy for headache exists in our tradition for many decades. In order to check its effectiveness, you need to wash a larger potato, to peel it and to cut it in half.

Then, massage the forehead with one and then with other half of potato, so that the juice of potato dries on your forehead. After a few minutes, when you notice that there is no more juice in the potato, you can stop the massage. Then you should notice that the headache has disappeared completely.

–          Green lemon (lime)

All that you need to get rid of a headache with the help of a lime is to cut a green lemon in half and to massage the forehead with one half and then with other. Very quickly, during the massage of a forehead, you will notice that your headache has disappeared.

–          A compress of fresh cabbage leaf

If you want to use the fresh cabbage leaf as a natural remedy for headache, it is necessary to remove it from the head of a cabbage and to press it in order to squeeze the juice out of it. Then, put the squeezed juice on the forehead until it dries. After a few minutes, you will notice that you have successfully got rid of a headache.

–          Consuming a sufficient quantity of water

Believe it or not, sometimes insufficient intake of water in the body or dehydration of the body, may be the main cause for headache. So, if you have problems with headache, think about the last time you have drunk water and drink immediately a big glass of water. If that does not help you in eliminating a headache, use some of the above mentioned natural remedies.

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