6 Things to Absolutely Know Before You Begin Waist Training

Losing pounds is one of the most difficult things to do for most people. Ever since Kim Kardashian showed off her tiny waist adorned by the corset, it has been raging over social media, the fitness craze using waist trainer for weight loss.

You always see results almost instantly from using the waist trainers, which makes them more attractive than ever. There are many risks involved in weight loss using waist trainers and it is best to check out them before you attempt to try it out.

Using waist trainer for weight loss could be addictive as you get used to the tiny waist and the hourglass shape that is adored all over the world.

Here are 6 things that you should know before you start on your weight loss journey with waist trainers:

1.    Waist Training Has a History:

Starting from the Victorian Age, it was known more commonly as tight lacing back then. It came into existence from the 16th Century where women exclusively owned corsets to keep their waist in shape and their weight in check. Today, it has gained back its momentum after many popular women have flooded their Instagram accounts with their perfect waists using the corset.

2.    It is non-invasive:

If you are looking at the effectiveness of waist training, you could say that it is completely non-invasive. It involves body shaping and helps you get a good waistline shape effectively. It is however recommended to wear it only for a short period of time as prolonged wearing can result negatively. Extended use without interval could result in disastrous effects including organs shifting internally in the body which is definitely not inviting!

3.    Waist Trainer gives a temporary weight loss:

It is undeniable that a waist trainer can give you a temporary weight loss. If you were depressed about not fitting in your old dress before your body, this could be a boon to you. Waist trainer helps give you temporary weight loss and makes you look thin at the waist. The effect is almost instant as soon as you wear it on you. It also gives a psychological effect on you to keep your waist look smaller and tiny. Although it is a tad bit uneasy wearing the waist trainer, you can always get the figure you are after when you have one. Just be informed that the weight loss is not a permanent with the waist trainer. If you wear it along with a lifestyle that promotes weight loss, it would work better.

4.    Waist trainer is a motivation for weight loss:

It could be a motivation for you to start with regular diet and workout to reduce your size and keep it permanent. When you are used to the small waist, you would not want to go back to being a size bigger. It helps to give the right motivation to lose weight in a healthy way. Wearing corsets at regular intervals helps form a positive body image that can be good deal of inspiration. There is no possible fat loss just by waist training although it has a positive effect on increasing your body temperature while wearing it.

5.    Increasing water intake is a must when you are waist training:

Wearing a waist trainer increases the body temperature and makes you feel dehydrated. This is simply because of the corsets or cinchers could heat up the core muscles. If you are wearing waist trainers as you work out, you tend to sweat more than usual. Excessive sweating can lead to losing your water weight in the body but it also could mean that there is a risk of dehydration. It is a must to drink more water when you are waist training to avoid the risk of fainting, fatigue, headache or more serious problems like seizures.

6.    Getting the right size for you is Critical:

Choosing the right size for you is the key to get the best weight loss using waist trainers. First, measure your natural waist size, to get it right, run the measuring tape one inch above your belly button. To get the hourglass effect, get the corset which is four sizes smaller than your natural size. Be prepared to feel uncomfortable at first, on using it more frequently, you would be used to the waist trainer. Most online websites that sell waist trainers also have a conversion chart based on the dress size, making it easier to select one.

Who can use Waist Trainers for Weight Loss?

Although waist trainers for weight loss are not for everyone, there is a list of people who unquestionably should not use waist trainers! If you belong to one of the following categories, please refrain from using waist trainers:

  1. You are young and still growing – It is important that you do not use waist trainers when you are still growing up. It can affect your back and abdominal muscles if you are too young to use it. Waist training can potentially have long-term effects on young bodies who are still growing to become adults.
  2. Not for the pregnant women, for obvious reasons. Waist training is advised only for those who are not pregnant and who are not trying to conceive. It is also not recommended for breast feeding mums.
  3. If you have breathing problems or any difficulty in general with regards to breathing, a waist trainer is a no-no. Some people have found it difficult to breathe when they have their waist trainer on.
  4. It is not for people who believe in magic to reduce weight! The waist trainers can never substitute a healthy eating routine combined with exercise. Using your waist trainer as an additional support helps in weight loss in a healthy way.

Meta: Waist training is the trending way to reduce weight. Does it really help shape your waist and reduce the stubborn belly? Find out more before you start with it to check if it really works!


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