3 day diet with sauerkraut quickly takes pounds off and detoxicates

In just three days of this diet it is possible to lose 6 pounds and thoroughly detoxicate your organism. This can be done more times monthly because sauerkraut is extremely healthy. This is an ideal combination of detox diet and fat loss diet anyone can apply.

Sauerkraut and brine diet is ideal for winter season. In this 3 day diet 6 pounds less are expected along with complete organism detoxication. Healthy, cheap and low caloric viand is ideal for fat loss diets because 3,5 ounces of sauerkraut has only 125 calories. Sauerkraut is rich with vitamin C, which protects organism’s immunity so it enables you to stay fit even during the diet.

This healthy diet will provide the organism with vitamin B and calcium, phosphor, zinc and iron. Sauerkraut and brine diet is beneficial for the whole organism because natural lactic acid from sauerkraut purifies digestive tract and takes water out of organism. 3 day sauerkraut diet can be done once a month, which will be enough to easily lose 6 pounds in just 3 days.

Three pounds of sauerkraut in couple meals

On the first day eat as much of sauerkraut as you can – recommended daily dose is about two or three pounds . Divide that quantity into couple of meals. The best effects will be acomplished if you eat your saurkraut row on the first day. During this 3 day diet you can drink water, coffee or tea, but unsweatened. Drink as much water, on the room temperature with few drops of lemon, as you can to aditionally detoxicate.

You can eat eggs, apples, potatoes and butter

On the second day for brunch eat 1 pound of sauerkraut, some bread and a boiled egg. Repeat it for lunch, but add diced apples. For dinner add two cooked potatoes, some milk, 0,17 ounces of butter, onions, cumin (or some other spice of your wish) to your sauerkraut and bake it all together for a bit. On the third day you can combine menus from two previous days as you wish.

You can buy sauerkraut here.

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