Valerian – Health Benefits and Tea

Valerian is also known as “desperate plant” among people.

This plant has been used in herbal medicine for centuries as a natural remedy for various diseases.

Valerian is mostly used for the treatment of infertility and other problems with female reproductive system.

That’s why one of the synonims for this herb is “desperate plant”. Long time ago women who had problems to conceive used to treat their despair with this herb. That’s the reason why this herb is also called “desperate herb”. However, many women, after they had used valerian tea, converted into satisfied pregnant women and happy mothers.

In the following lines you will read about the uses of valerian and its important features.

What are the physical features of valerian?

Although the safest and the most easiest way to find this plant is to go to the nearest healthy food store, we will describe it in detail and help you recognize it in the nature.

Valerian is a shrub and it has a thin green stem with hairy leaves. On the top of the stem there are numerous small and white flowers. They are sometimes light or dark violet.

What are the ingredients of valerian?

These are the ingredients of valerian:


– Bitter herbal substances,

– Herbal salts,

– Mucilage,

– Essential oils,

– Other medicinal substances.

The flowers have the highest percentage of medicinal substances, but the rest of the parts of this plant have them, too. The aerial parts are mostly used in herbal medicine, especially the flowers, but the leaves and stem as well.

The preparation of valerian tea

In order to prepare this tea, you will need:

-A tablespoon of dried valerian tea,

– 250ml of boiling water.


Put the water on the heat in order to boil. Then remove from the heat and pour over the valerian. Cover with a lid, leave it for 10 to 15 minutes, then strain and drink.

How often should you drink valerian tea?

The daily recommended dosis of valerian tea is two or three cups a day. You shouldn’t drink less if you want to see the results.

How long you will use this tea depends on the purpose of its usage.

The uses of valerian tea

We have already mentioned that many problems with female reproductive system, among which is infertility, can be cured with this tea. These other problems include the following:

-Irregular periods,

– Hormonal imbalance,

– Menstrual pain

– Ovarian problems (ovarian cysts, ovulatory dysfunction, etc.).

Apart from these so called female problems, there are other health issues that may be cured by valerian tea. These include:


– Chronic cough,

– Bronchitis,

– Difficulties in breathing,

– Pneumonia,

– Tuberculosis,

– Common cold,

– Virus throat infections.

Some of the recent studies have shown that valerian tea is also beneficial for the regulation of blood sugar levels.

However, as this claim hasn’t been confirmed, we cannot know whether it’s true or not.

How long should valerian tea be used for the infertility treatment?

Since long time ago and also nowadays, if you want to treat infertility, two or three cups of valerian tea should be consumed on a daily basis for three months continously.

As for the rest of the illnesses and conditions, use this tea until the symptoms last.

Although you should drink two or three cups a day, we recommend that you shouldn’t make the whole daily amount at once, but that you should brew the tea for every single cup, whenever you want to drink it.

It’s very important to drink valerian tea regularly. That’s why you should try to have it in proper amounts whenever you need it.

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