The secret of weight loss lies in hot peppers

“Miraculous” extract, known as dihydrocapsiate (DCT), that speeds up metabolism and helps in the expenditure of calories might be added to candies and chocolate and thus speed up weight loss. Food producers say they have discovered a natural ingredient that accelerates weight loss and it is located in hot peppers.

This “miraculous” extract, known as dihydrocapsiate (DCT), is a great metabolism booster and helps calorie expenditure. It has already been added to some pills sold in Japan and the U.S.A., but now it could be used as a dietary supplement. This means that in the future cakes and chocolate adored by obese people could be a significant help to lose weight.

Of course, each of these cakes should contain a “miraculous” ingredient from hot peppers. Hot peppers contain dihydrocapsiate (DCT) which speeds up metabolism. This ingredient, usually tasteless, is one of the several chemical compounds known as capsinoids, and can be found in certain types of hot peppers.

The Japanese immediately took this opportunity and are already making plans to add this ingredient to chocolate and other sweets. Preliminary studies have shown that it will not be harmful to health, and now, as far as Europe is concerned, it is on the European Commission to decide whether to allow the sale of these products. If the decision is positive, the products containing DCT will soon be on food shelves.

However, some experts suggest that the effects will be minimal and weight loss will not be as easy as we think. Even Japanese food manufacturer Ajinomoto says that people should lead a healthy life and watch their diet in order to lose excessive calories by eating their food containing DCT.

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