The festive season is at the door but can hangover spoil your day?

Once alcohol is in our body?

It takes around 20 minutes for alcohol to come into your stomach where 20% of alcohol is being absorbed and the rest of the absorption is done via the small intestine.
But how quick does BAC – (blood alcohol concentration) can affect our body? Of course, it depends how fast we drink and whether our body is able to process it.

So if we drink faster than our body can deal with alcohol this is what is going to happen with you:

  • first you feel great, relaxed, more confident happier, calmer and no wonder you take another glass of alcohol
  • but after quick few brain an emotional centre is affected, alcohol affects levels of neurotransmitter – chemical messenger responsible for our emotion and the way we behave.
  • Alcohol is emotional and body depressant but a big diuretic as well. If not taking enough water with your alcohol severe dehydration can occur, followed by irregular heart beat, going often to the loo….so your next day is ruined.

The nutritional strategy that fight hangover:

– your gender affects how your process alcohol – women feel the effects of alcohol sooner than men as they generally have more fat that does not absorb alcohol, have lower amounts of alcohol dehydrogenase- enzyme responsible for alcohol metabolism so if you are a woman be more cautious when reaching for the fourth glass.

  • Eat carbohydrate heavy meals that help to line your stomach and it slows down an alcohol’s absorption so fill up your plate with a creamy pasta!
  • Try to choose alcohol with a lower ABV if you drink wine choose the one with either 5% or 11,5% rather than the one with 13,5% and higher.
  • Opt for lighter spirits as darker spirits like red wine, whisky, cognac will result in a worse hangover.

And why not to add a few non-alcohol wine bottles especially red ones as at the same time your liver will not be overloaded with different detox tasks and the resveratrol in grapes have anti-cancer and heart benefits?!

  • Do not go in bed before taking enough water or the best drink water and lemon as this alkalises your body and flushes toxins out
  • Before bedtime try to have the wholegrain bread with peanut butter and few slices of banana – this will help you to wake up happier!
  • Take milk thistle that helps protect liver cells

Hope that these tips will make the coming holiday more enjoyable and stress free!

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