Natural Remedies for Cholesterol and Triglycerides

Elevation of cholesterol and triglyceride levels in blood comes as a consequence of bad habits and unhealthy life style.

First of those bad habits is bad dieting. People tend to consume food oversaturated with fats in high quantities, and not consume natural, healthy, fresh food types enough. Other bad habits are mostly related to lowered physical and mental activity and not caring about one’s health in general.

As a consequence of high cholesterol and triglyceride levels, people may experience various health problems which can even end with fatal results.

So start maintaining your health on time and take maintaining proper levels of cholesterol and triglycerides seriously.

What are cholesterol and triglycerides?

Cholesterol and triglycerides are among the greatest enemies to human health. They can significantly reduce the quality of life and life expectancy.

Cholesterol is a particular type of lipids which is, in a certain amount, produced naturally within organism no matter what sort of diet a person has. In fact, it’s essential for maintaining proper cell functionality. Still, when the level of naturally occurring cholesterol rises too much, problems begin to emerge. That happens precisely because of bad dieting, lower physical and mental activity and not caring about one’s health in general.

Triglycerides are types of fatty acids which are bound to three hydroxyl groups of glycerol. In other words, triglycerides are the bulk of fats which are animal and herbal in origin.

Which symptoms are high cholesterol and triglyceride levels manifested through?

As it was previously mentioned, elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels are reflected through deterioration of body’s health state in general.

Specifically, blood vessels become clogged which leads to poor blood circulation. That further leads to insufficient supply of blood and oxygen to the organs, which causes death of vital cells and deterioration of quality and intensity of life functions.

Actual health problems this causes are atherosclerosis, elevated blood pressure and various heart conditions which can lead to heart attack.

Additionally, other health problems may surface, among which are concentration and memory difficulties, Alzheimer’s disease and more.

Garlic for Cholesterol and Triglycerides

Natural remedy for elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels

Luckily, you can deal with elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels with natural methods. What’s very important is to start the fight in the right moment, which is the time when consequences of having elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels are still not too grave.

You should consume honey and honey based products as often as you can. Honey is one of the strongest natural allies which can benefit human health in this regard. It’s recommended to ingest even as much as 100 grams of honey and honey based products daily. But have in mind, you are not allowed to do so if you are a diabetic.

Another natural remedy for elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels is garlic. Garlic neutralizes fats and disables them from being stored as fatty deposits.

In addition to honey, honey based products and garlic, it’s recommended to include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet and to drink a lot of water, as well as to be physically and mentally active. In that manner you will burn excess fats you have stored in your body and block the process of elevation of cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

When considering what food is efficient in this struggle, celery and lemon first come to mind. The combination of these two is particularly effective in regulating cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Green tea is another great option.

These natural remedies should be ingested every day, taking turns or combined. For example, drink lemonade or green tea and eat honey or garlic. You can even make green tea and add a few drops of lemon juice for enhanced flavor. If you don’t like the aftertaste of garlic, we recommend you to use powdered garlic, which is just as effective.

In addition to using natural remedies we have suggested here, you should pay great care to your blood count and often consult your doctor. Your doctor will know best how to deal with detailed control of maintaining your health. At the same time, that will give you a better insight in the magnitude of the results these natural remedies had on your organism if you decided to use them.

With combined care of your doctor and yourself, you will manage to bring your health to a satisfactory state.

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