My top 3 festive spices for great health

Gift you give to yourself!

This superseasonal spice is great for everyone- diabetics and non-diabetics. The study of the Journal of the American Diabetes Association (2003) found that those taking a small amount of cinnamon every day had lower blood sugar and cholesterol. Cinnamon is a mild circulatory stimulant so it will warm you up during these cold months.

So why not spice up your festive cake with cinnamon, sprinkle it (daily half a dessertspoon has got therapeutic property ) over a delicious morning porridge or just make a tasty and warming honey cinnamon tea. Due to its blood sugar regulating effect, cinnamon will help you not to overindulge with sugary foods!

An essential Christmas cooking ingredient mostly used in mulled wine, spiced fruit compote, baked ham, apple crumble…but this superspice not only boosts your dish, but your health. Thanks to its active component eugenol, clove is well known for its anti-inflammatory activity. Spanish researchers place this spice among top superfoods thanks to many antioxidants it contains. Cloves are excellent source of manganese, vitamin C, omega 3 fatty acids, and vitamin K. If it happens that you suddenly experience a toothache during this festive season, just rub a clove on an infected tooth – this can help the infection and relieve the pain thanks to clove oil that is antiseptic and analgesic!

In the last year we are overwhelmed with the scientific researches that put this tropical plant higher up on the scale of today’s super foods. Superhealing ginger properties:

  • Ginger aids indigestion and helps relieve flatulence – common problems we experience during the festive season. Add ginger to your meat stew, give a spicy warmth to your favourite curries, add it to your cake recipes or just enjoy ready available pickled or preserved stem ginger!
  • Ginger fights cold and coughs – it has a warming effect on our circulation, and has inflammatory and antialergic properties.
  • Ginger fights nausea and travel sickness – so if you plan to have a long-haul flight, a good idea would be to have a piece of fresh ginger in your bag- feel sick? Just peel a piece of it and suck a bit!


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