Ideal Foods and Drink for a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but nearly enough o us follow this guidance. Instead, many people skip breakfast and rush out the door with just a donut or bagel in hand.

Eating well in the morning will set the tone for your entire day, and prime your body and mind for health, happiness, and success.

If you skip breakfast or eat a poor-quality meal in the morning, the rest of your day will be more difficult.

Luckily, there are many simple tips you can abide by!

Keep reading below to find out the best foods and drinks you can eat for a healthy breakfast!


There are many options for a “main course” at breakfast time, and eggs are one of the most common. Although they are a common breakfast food, they are incredibly healthy as well!

Eggs are an excellent breakfast food because they contain a large amount of protein and healthy dietary fats, without any unnecessary carbohydrates.

Eggs generally contain 6-8 grams of protein each, so eating even three or four eggs in the morning will provide ample protein to start your day! Protein is a longer-lasting source of energy than carbohydrates, which makes eggs excellent fuel for your day.

You can always enhance your eggs even more by adding some chopped onion, green peppers, mushrooms, or other vegetables for additional taste and nutrition!

One aspect to be careful of is that eggs are a common food allergy. As long as you do not have a food allergy to eggs, feel free to consume them often!


Eggs are an excellent source of protein and healthy fat, but you still need carbohydrates. Bagels, donuts, pastries and other similar foods are common at breakfast time for many people, but they are not a quality source of energy.

Oatmeal, on the other hand, is possibly the best carbohydrate in the world!

Oats are a slow-digesting carbohydrate, and they do not give you a “sugar crash” at all. Instead, they are a long-lasting source of easy energy for your body!

Oats contain ample amounts of protein as well since they are a well-rounded food.

Oats are an excellent complement to eggs at breakfast time, but they can be the “main course” of your breakfast as well. If you would like to add some additional grams of protein to your oatmeal, many people enjoy adding a scoop of their favorite protein powder to their oatmeal.

If you would like to boost the flavor and nutrition content of your oatmeal more, you can also consider adding fruit (such as bananas or blueberries), maple syrup, honey, or coconut oil as well.

Green Tea

Although many people love to drink milk or juice in the morning, these are not great options for your overall health.

Coffee is a good option for some people, but often people will add milk or sugar to their coffee and ruin any health benefits. If you are looking for a caffeinated drink in the morning that will also improve your health in multiple ways, green tea is a wonderful choice!

Green tea does not contain as much caffeine as coffee, but it is still stimulating. Many people who are sensitive to caffeine prefer green tea over coffee because it does not cause jittery feelings, but it still helps provide a quick boost of energy.

Along with the benefit of caffeine, green tea is also loaded with antioxidants. The antioxidants in green tea help protect your body from oxidative stress (free radical cells) and help you to manage your weight.

Green tea is also helpful for the digestive system, which is another reason it is a great drink during breakfast!

Cold-Pressed Juice

There are a lot of people who enjoy their orange juice at breakfast, but store-bought juices do not contain nearly enough nutritional value. Instead, they are often loaded with additional sugar to taste sweeter!

If you would like to start your morning off with a healthy and nutritious juice, try to make your own cold-pressed juice! A cold-pressed juicer is a bit of an investment, but it is well-worth your money.

The main advantage of making your own juice is that your juice will be fresh and full of vitamins and minerals. In fact, cold-pressed juice is one of the easiest ways to get a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals in your diet each day!

Cold-pressed juice is a bioavailable form of vitamins and minerals, and it is a perfect drink during breakfast.

Imagine not even needing a multivitamin supplement because you have already got your daily dosage of vitamins and minerals during breakfast!

You can combine numerous different fruits and vegetables to make your juices; the key is to try to make combinations you enjoy!

Concluding Thoughts

If you are interested in learning more tips on healthy living, Anna Targoniy is a great resource.

Many factors go into a healthy breakfast, but the foods and drinks listed above are a few excellent options. Breakfast is a very important meal, and it requires you to stay focused and make sure you are getting the proper nutrients during this time.

Try the foods and drinks listed above the next time you have breakfast, and you will quickly feel the difference in your body during the day!

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