How Long Do Bananas Last?

Sometimes we can’t have enough bananas laying around the house and yet atother times they turn brown because no one eats them. Does this ever happen to you?  If you want to avoid any dark bananas in your fruit basket and wonder how long your favourite fruit can last, just continue reading this article!

More about Bananas

Next time you grab a banana, consider the fact you are about to eat the world’s very first fruit. Originally from South-East Asia in the region that includes Indonesia, the Philippines and New Guinea. Cross breeding of two varieties of wild bananas resulted in bananas becoming seedless and more like the delicious yellow fruit we enjoy today, the favourite fruit of most people.

There are over 500 varieties of banana plants in the world, the two most popular are Cavendish and Lady fingers. Bananas are mostly sold in markets but we can also buy them in the restaurants, at local retailers, fruit barrows etc. Others are sent off to be processed into other delicious products such as banana cakes, smoothies and muffins.

A banana is the best fruit source of vitamin B6, which assists in the formation of red blood cells and certain brain chemicals.

What Is the Shelf Life of Bananas?

The shelf life of bananas is difficult to determine because there is no “Best before” date. Fresh bananas can last two to five days until ripe, if you refrigerate them they can last up to nine days.

Bananas can also be frozen. If kept in the freezer, bananas can last for about two to three months.

How to Store Bananas Properly?

Proper storage is very important when we talk about bananas or any other fruit. Bananas ripen at room temperature, so if you want to slow the ripening process then they can be placed in the refrigerator.

If you want to extend the shelf life of bananas at room temperature, separate them and put plastic wrap around the steam. Keep in mind that placing bananas near other fruit will make the other fruits ripen faster.

How to Tell if Bananas Have Gone Bad?

It will not be hard to tell if bananas have gone bad. Bananas will get soft and turn completely brown and begin to leak liquid.
If they are left out for a longer time, they will eventually turn black and grow mould. In that case you should throw them immediately.


As you have read, the shelf life depends mostly on the method of storage. Proper storage will help you keep your bananas fresh for a longer period of time. Also, remember not to throw away a banana with a dark spots on it, you can always make some delicious banana bread for everyone to enjoy.

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