Honey Water – Natural Remedy For Many Diseases

Actually, honey water presents the simplest, but very useful medicinal product which you can make by yourself on honey base.

In the text below you can read about how exactly honey water is made, what it contains, in what way and how much you should drink it and what impact it has on the human body.

How honey water is made?

For the preparation of honey water, you need:

– One full teaspoon of any kind of natural honey

– 250 milliliters of water (the water should be moderately cold or moderately warm. The best is to use water directly from the tap).

Method of the preparation of honey water:

Dissolve one teaspoon of honey in 250 milliliters of water. The solution which you get in that process of preparation is honey water.

What does honey water contain?

Mixing the two ingredients used in the preparation of honey water or mixing honey and water, we get a compound that contains the following ingredients:

– Enzymes,

– Amino acids,

– Plant proteins,

– Plant carbohydrates,

– Flavonoids,

– Vitamin A,

– Vitamin B1,

– Vitamin B2,

– Vitamin B3,

– Vitamin B6,

– Vitamin B9,

– Vitamin C,

– Magnesium,

– Potassium,

– Iron,

– Calcium,

– Silicon,

– Phosphor,

– Copper,

– Zink.

The specific amount of mentioned ingredients in honey water depends on the type of honey which you have used in the process of preparing honey water. Some types of honey contain higher concentration of those ingredients while in other types of honey that concentration is lower.

It is not easy to say or recommend which type of honey is the best because in the end you will always get the honey water of the same quality, no matter which type of honey you have used. That is confirmed by the fact that some types of honey contain for example higher concentration of vitamin C than it is case with the concentration of magnesium. But, in some other types of honey it is contrary.

In what way and how often should you drink honey water?

You should drink honey water freshly prepared. It should never be prepared in advance. You should drink it at least once a day, but it is recommendable to drink it twice a day and every day.

Actually, you should start and end every day with honey water. In the morning you should drink it before breakfast and in the evening after dinner.

Why is it good to drink honey water?

It is good to drink honey water because it has positive impact on health.

These are some of the ways in which honey water works on human body:

– Actively and very effectively performs antioxidation and detoxification of the body

– Purifies the blood and enriches the blood with nutrients

– Effectively reduces level of bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood

– Strengthens elasticity of blood vessels

– Prevents heart diseases

– Acts as antibacterial and antiviral agent

– Acts against inflammations in the body

– Regulates the bowel function

– Improves the digestive function

– Helps in the process of releasing the body of excess fat

– Contributes to healthy skin, hair and nails (in that purpose, you can use honey water also externally. Wash your face with it several times a week and put it on your hair before washing it and you will notice that your skin and hair are healthy and shiny).

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