Green Smoothies Recipes

If you want to eat healthily and take care of your health, you certainly heard about green smothies and their health benefits.

Here we are going to mention a few very important facts about green smothies.

The chlorophyll molecules in the green parts of fruits and vegetables are proved to have very similar features to human blood molecules. A chlorophyll molecule has only one atom that is different from human blood molecule.

Besides, green smothies create an alkaline environment in the body, which is necessary for healthy bodily functions.

So, in order to do something very good for your body, we suggest that you should learn how to prepare green smoothies.

How to prepare green smoothies?

If you want  to prepare your own green smoothie, it’s necessary to stick to one rule and that is to always use fresh green parts of fruits and vegetables and water or coconut water.

Recipe number 1:

In order to make your green smoothie, you need:

-150ml of water

– four green apples

– two fresh peppermint leaves

– half a parsley bunch

– four celery leaves

– four carrot leaves

– one fresh green pepper


First wash and clean thoroughly all the ingredients, and mix them in a blender. Divide the content into several equal parts and drink during the day.

Recipe number 2:

For this kind of preparation of a green smoothie, you need:

-150ml of water

– one peeled banana

– two pears

– two savoy cabbage leaves

– one leek leaf

– two spinach leaves


As in the preparation of the green smoothie in the previous recipe, wash and clean thoroughly all these ingredients and mix them in a blender. Divide them into several equal parts and drink during the day.

Important notice:

When you prepare green smoothies, you don’t have to strictly follow all the instructions concerning the quantity and kinds of fruits and vegetables. You can make them according to your own taste or from the foods you have with you at the moment. The only thing you should respect is to always use fresh fruits and vegetables.

Never add sugar or salt to these smoothies and always drink apart from meals.

The best thing is to start a day with a glass of a green smoothie and, as you could see, the preparation isn’t difficult, it can be even fun. So, try them as soon as you can.

Green smoothies are both tasteful and healthy and that’s why their benefits are multiple.

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