5 Benefits Of Taking Green Tea Before Bed

Most people have no clue that the one and only real tea is the one produced from Camellia sinensis. This is the better known green tea, yet plenty of other varieties are derived from it, including black or white tea. Most other so-called teas are nothing but plant infusions. Up to 75% of all people cannot explain what green tea is, not to mention its benefits over their health. At the same time, they have no clue what happens when they have green tea before sleeping. They do it because the hot drink helps them relax and works perfectly before hitting the bed. However, green tea goes way farther than that. When implemented in a regular routine, it certainly adds to your long-term well-being.

Killing cold germs – green tea with honey before bed

Catechin is one of the most powerful substances in green tea. It is better known in the medical world for its powerful antioxidant properties. At the same time, it has exquisite antiviral effects. It can successfully combat respiratory infections, as well as other similar conditions. According to numerous research studies, drinking green tea before bed on a regular basis will reduce the risks of flu with up to 60%. Even if you do not like the taste, gargling green tea three times a day will work wonders on your immune system.

Drink tea against natural waste

Unless you want to turn your body into a trash bin, green tea at night or morning will stimulate the natural bowel movements. Sure, bowel movements are natural and do not always need green tea. But then, the more time the waste spends inside your body, the more toxins it releases as it starts rotting. It is said that death begins in the colon, so keep it clear with a healthy waste removal system. Losing waste buildup is vital and should never be underestimated. Drinking green tea at night allows you to assist the body in the waste removal. Make sure that you drink it after all meals are over. Avoid having anything else until morning.

Green tea before bed good or bad for weight loss?

If you are interested in weight loss, you probably know many details about calories, carbohydrates, metabolism rates and physical exercises. When it comes to the metabolism, it is one of the leading elements in losing unwanted weight. But then, understanding how your metabolism works can lead to better choices. A sound sleep and proper rest will have a direct impact over the metabolism. At the same time, a healthy metabolism contributes to your skin health, as well as the physical shape. Sleep less than 7 hours and you risk gaining weight because the metabolism inevitably slows down. From this point of view, green tea before bed for weight loss will keep your metabolism active.

Flavonoids in green tea strengthen your body

Is it good to drink green tea at night? There are plenty of ideas out there, yet specialists agree that it is a brilliant consideration. Just like red wine, green tea is rich in flavonoids. Flavonoids represent some small molecules that help the body work against internal inflammations. What most people do not know is that cerebral and cardiac affections begin as insignificant micro-inflammations. When drunk regularly (but in moderate amounts), green tea and wine can prevent such health related problems.

Sleep and relaxation at their finest

Can i drink green tea before bed? Definitely! It is actually recommended. There are several relaxing agents in green tea, so a hot cup before going to bed will relax you by soothing nerves. At that point, your body inevitably gets ready for sleep. You fall asleep faster, but your sleep is also deeper. The result? Your mind is fresh in the morning and your muscles will feel more relaxed. With time, stiffness becomes history.

In the end…

In conclusion, green tea is an extraordinary element in nature. The best part is that everyone has access to it. What is really surprising is that plenty of people overlook its benefits, regardless of how affordable it is. Some others may not get along with its taste, but you will get used in no time. At some point, you will thank yourself for this upgrade.

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