Strawberry Diet – Eating plan (menu)

A perfect diet for fruit lovers is the strawberry diet. The only disadvantage of this diet is that you can’t find strawberries so easily during off season, but you can always find them frozen, which are also great!

If you stick to this diet for only four days, you will lose up to three pounds, according to the experts.

However, you should have in mind that you need a blender for this diet, which speeds up the food preparation process.

It’s recommended that people who have a job start this diet on Friday, because they will be able to control their food intake better on weekends. For the best results of this diet, you should avoid coffee.

The menu for the strawberry diet:

The first day

For breakfast make a fruit salad of 250g of strawberries, half an apple and half a banana.

For lunch make a fruit salad of 150g of strawberries, a piece of turkey breast, 100g of cucumber,  300g of asparagus, 10g of parsley, 20g of walnuts, a tablespoon of  lemon juice, 6 tablespoons of vegetable soup (or mineral water without soda) and a teaspoon of olive oil.

For dinner mix one bigger cooked potato, an onion bulb (chopped), a small cooked celery, 1dl of yoghurt, 50g of fat free cheese and parsley leaves.

The second day

For breakfast eat 2 slices of whole-grain bread with low-fat cheese.

For lunch mix 100g of strawberries (cut into tiny pieces), half a bunch of lettuce, 1 tomato, 1 pepper, 50g of fat free cheese, 1/2dl of yoghurt, lemon juice, salt according to the taste and a slice of whole-grain bread toast (cut into small cubes).

For dinner eat pancakes with strawberries, young cheese and a teaspoon of  honey.

The third day

For breakfast eat oatmeal mush with apple juice, half a banana and 100g of strawberries.

For lunch eat 200g of fresh strawberries and then a small cauliflower head (cooked in water, greased with a teaspoon of butter and with added tiny pieces of ham).

For dinner roast one potato in the oven and mix one fresh carrot, one pepper, celery leaves and lemon juice in blender. Remove the husk from the potato and cover it with the mixture.


As is the case with many other diets, this one won’t have magic results either if you aren’t physically active and if you don’t adopt some good and healthy habits.

So, before you decide to start any diet and consult your doctor or nutritionist, try to adopt a healthy lifestyle, because it’s the basic thing of everything, including a healthy weight loss.

One hint: be aware if you have pets, because some pets should not eat strawberries. For example if you have rabbits, they can’t eat so much strawberries.

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