Sassy Water for Weight Loss – Recipe, Review and Results

World renowned nutritionist Cynthia Sass came up with the concept of Sassy water which she claims will not only help you lose weight, but improve your digest and rid you of any indigestion symptoms you may have problems with along the way.

Let’s see what does it take to make Sassy water and how is it done.

What’s needed to make Sassy water?

-Roughly 1.5 liters of boiled or filtered water

-1 sliced lemon

-1 average sized cucumber sliced into circles

-1 ginger root chopped into tiny pieces

-5 to 10 fresh mint (peppermint) leaves or a teaspoonful of dried mint

Preparation process

When you have all the ingredients ready, all that remains is to pour them in a glass or plastic bottle and give it a good shake. Then, leave it in the fridge to cool for at least 10 hours. After that, the beverage will be ready for consumption. Each ingredient will have made its contribution towards the complete effect of this wonderful drink.

How to drink Sassy water?

It’s important to mention you should drink all of the sassy water you made in a single day. You can drink some during or after breakfast, some during or after lunch, and the rest during or after dinner.

It’s also recommended to continuously drink sassy water for a period of at least four days to experience the full detoxifying effect. On top of that, it’s also recommended to drink more regular water, take care of your diet and eat more vegetables and fruits.

One great advantage of this beverage over many others with similar effects is that Sassy water has a great taste. That’s why we believe you will have no trouble consuming it even after the four initial days – in fact, we think you will rather enjoy it.

Sassy water – experiences and results

The mind behind Sassy water, Cynthia Sass, claims that you can lose up to three kilograms of weight after the four initial days it’s recommended to use this water. She says you can lose up to ten kilograms if you keep using it for a month.

People who have used it have only words of praise for it, especially considering it tastes great and contains next to no calories. In most cases, people who started using this water also corrected their diet and increased their physical activity to reach the full effect.

Of course, we must remind you that not everyone has the same metabolic rate. That’s why Sassy water will provide better and faster results for some than others. Still, majority of people who have used it reported having great results with it, which is why you should think about giving it a chance.

However, keep in mind that Sassy water is not recommended for breast-feeding and pregnant women, as well as for people with sensitive stomach. Before using Sassy water, it’s recommended to seek consultation with a doctor.

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