The Rice (Kempner) Diet – Eating Plan Menu

The rice diet is one of the oldest diets in the world created in 1939 by Dr. Walter Kempner. That’s why the other name of this diet is Kempner diet.

The basic aims of this diet were to lower high blood pressure, to reduce the kidney disease symptoms and to lower the blood sugar levels.

What is important to say about the rice diet?

An important fact about the rice diet is that it has changed a lot of times from the day of its creation until today. As some of these changes are insignificant, the varieties of this diet aren’t much different from the original form. However, there are also some absurd, drastic and wrong changes which are totally different from the original form of the diet.

That’s why you should be careful with the information concerning the right form of this diet. For example, you may find out that in this diet you eat only rice for breakfast for 200 days in a way that you eat only one grain on the first day,two on the second and so on, until you reach the 100th morning and a hundred grains and starting from the 101th morning, you count vice versa (you consume 99, then 98 grains and so on).

This advice is completely wrong, so don’t follow it. Your health may get worse and you may lose some essential nutrient as you wouldn’t have breakfast for 200 days.

What is the real rice diet?

The real rice diet lasts for three weeks. As you’re on this diet, you must reduce the salt intake.

How does the menu of the rice diet look like?

The first week:


A cup of rice (boiled in water), without salt or sugar. For better taste you can add some olive oil or lemon juice. The important thing is to have this kind of breakfast every day during the diet and to consume it an hour after waking up, not after.


Any kind of fruit you want.


For lunch eat a cup of boiled rice or boiled peas or beans. Use as little salt as you can and add a little spice according to your taste. Don’t use roux.

Eat a slice of whole grain bread, too.


For dinner eat a cup of boiled rice without salt and 150g of boiled or roast meat you want (fish, chicken, turkey or lamb). Don’t salt the meat, pour a liitle lemon juice over it. You can eat a thin slice of whole grain bread, too.

The second week:


Any kind of fruit you want.


A cup of boiled rice with a little salt and a little spice according to your taste and a slice of whole grain bread.


A cup of boiled rice with a little salt and a little spice according to your taste and a slice of whole grain bread.

The third week:

You should repeat the menu of the  first week. Add a snack between lunch and dinner, which should be 200ml of milk or 200ml of yoghurt.

After three weeks of being on the rice diet, if you stick to the recommended menu, you are supposed to lose between 7 and 10 pounds.

While being on this diet, try to consume enough liquid. Drink water  and sugar free coffee or tea or with a very little sugar. You can also drink fresh squeezed fruit juices. Don’t drink alchohol, soda drinks or sweet beverages.

The right liquid choice is very important for a diet, since water and healthy low-calorie beverages dissolve fat.

Be physically active, but don’t exaggerate.

Don’t be on this diet for longer than three weeks. If necessary, repeat it after a month or two. Try to eat healthily in the period between two rice diets.

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