Oat Flakes Diet

Since you started trying to lose excess weight you have probably already tried a whole array of different punishing diet regimes. If none of them gave wanted results and if you’re still having weight problems, we suggest you to read this article and get to know what exactly oat meal diet encompasses.

How does oat meal diet work and how efficient is it?

Oat meal diet is a very efficient nutrition regime for losing excess weight. It results in fast and efficient loss of weight while maintaining the delicate balance of human body and its health, since the diet only restricts the amount of calorie intake while still providing a source of much needed vitamins, minerals and proteins.

The concept of oat meal diet

The concept of this diet relies on organizing meals of one of the days in a week in the following manner:

Breakfast: Cook 200 milliliters of milk and add three tablespoons of oats. Start eating when oats soak in the milk. Drink a glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice afterwards.

Snack: Eat three tablespoons of oats soaked in yogurt.

Lunch: Eat three tablespoons of oats soaked in 3 deciliters of orange juice and half a spoonful of virgin olive oil.

Dinner: Eat the same thing you had for lunch.

oatmeal diet with fruits

Combined value of these meals is roughly 730 calories. Since it’s so incredibly low, this regiment should not be repeated more than once per week because it could lead to chronic fatigue. If applied within recommended parameters (only once a week) this diet won’t lead to exhaustion of the body, but only towards shedding excess weight.

It’s recommended to have a cup of oats soaked in yogurt or skimmed milk for breakfast and dinner during other days of the week in which you are implementing this particular diet. Have some fruit for snack. Have 200 grams of tuna or 200 grams of white chicken meat and a slice or two of bread. Have a salad of your choice alongside this meal.

While on this diet, don’t forget to drink enough water. Water helps dissolve fatty deposits, which makes it useful in the effort to lose weight. It also hydrates the body simultaneously, which is particularly important for maintaining a healthy balance.

Repetition and duration of this diet should be adjusted according to your own personal needs and goals. Still, do not become overzealous and do not maintain this diet consecutively for more than two weeks. That would lead to your general dieting habits becoming uniformed, which could cause a drop in immunity.

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