Neera Detox Diet Reviews and Recipes

Neera diet (other common names “lemonade diet” or “maple syrup diet”)  is one of the many types of diet used in our country and throughout the world.

This diet was created in 1970 in order to treat problems with stomach ulcer and body detoxification by Stanley Burroughs, the doctor of alternative medicine.

As this diet was efficient for weight loss, too, it became popular among people who didn’t suffer from stomach ulcer, but who wanted to lose some extra pounds.

What is the Neera diet?

The Neera diet is a kind of diet in which you should avoid solid food for five or less days and not longer than fifteen days.

In this diet, as an alternative to solid food, you should consume a kind of beverage made using a special recipe.

How is made the beverage for the Neera diet?

The beverage you should drink while using the Neera diet is made the following way:

Mix 500ml of water with a fresh squeezed lemon juice. Sweeten this mixture with a flat teaspoon of maple syrup or a flat teaspoon of malt and add a pinch of red pepper. Mix it well and drink during the day whenever you are hungry.

What is the nutritional value of this beverage?

The nutritional value of the beverage used in the Neera diet depends on the kind of the recommended sweeteners added.

If you use maple syrup, the nutritional value is very low. Maple syrup contains 64% of carbohydrates, a little more than half a percentage of minerals and less than half a percentage of proteins and fats.

If you use malt, the nutritional value is slightly higher, as malt contains a number of vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron, potassium, phosphorus and Vitamins A, B and E. Apart from these elements, malt also contains carbohydrates, simple and compound sugars and proteins.

Sweetened with honey, the nutritional value of this beverage is similar.

As one of the main ingredients of this beverage is lemon juice, it has a very high content of Vitamin C, which is perfect for detoxification.

Red pepper is used since it provides our body with energy.

Are you allowed to consume something else apart from this beverage when you are on the Neera diet?

In the first 5 days of Neera diet, besides this beverage, you’re allowed to consume only herbal unsweetened teas. While being on this diet, you can drink a cup of your favourite herbal tea whenever you want.

How many pounds are you supposed to lose with the Neera diet?

The most efficient results of the Neera diet are one or two lost pounds a day. However, it doesn’t mean that everyone will have the same outcomes. It depends on some other factors, such as a metabolism rate, etc.

What are the precautions when being on the Neera diet?

You should be very careful if you are on the Neera diet, since it’s very strict and exhausting. That’s why you mustn’t start being on this diet if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding or if you have chronical problems with kidneys and heart.

You shouldn’t start this diet if you are under a great physical strain, too.

So, if you decide to start being on the Neera diet, it’s recommended that you do a few important medical examinations or that you consult your doctor.

What are the side effects of this diet?

The possible side effects of the Neera diet are intensive fatigue and exhaustion, the lack of energy, problems with concentration, nervousness, intensive urination and upset bowel.

If some of these symptoms appears when you’re on this diet and if they become more and more intensive, limit the diet on the least number of days or simply stop it.

After being on this diet, slowly return to normal diet. Eat slightly solid foods, such as cooked vegetables and vegetable salads.

This kind of diet will also help you lose some extra pounds.

How often are you allowed to be on the Neera diet?

You are allowed to be on this diet in its full duration twice or three times a year.

If it is less strict, that is, if it lasts a shorter period of time, you can be on it more often. For example, if you choose only one day to be on this diet, you can repeat it regularly and you can do it on the same day. The best days for this diet are the weekend days, when you don’t have anything to do and when you can relax.

Where can you buy the beverage for the Neera diet and how much is it?

You can order it here:

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