Milk diet melts fats

Women will benefit the most from the diet with low – fat dairy products.

Milk and dairy products belong to low – glycemic produce, so with them we can easily adjust caloric intake, and women who eat/drink dairy products on regular basis are less apt to gaining weight, explains Dr.Sc. Ignac Kulier in his book „Goodbye fatness“.

It is the fact that milk is the sole food source for every child younger than one year because it contains all nutritive ingredients essential for survival, so it is no wonder that milk diet has appeared. Maybe the most important of all is the fact that milk and dairy products belong to low – glycemic viands, explains Dr.Sc. Ignac Kulier in his book „Goodbye fatness“.

Doctor Michael Zemel from Alimentary Institute at the University of Tennessee has stated that dairy produce rich diet with low content of fats can redirect fat cells to do their job in a different way, i.e. not to accumulate in fats, but to melt them.

It is usually thought that whole milk and fat dairy products are one of the causes of weight gaining, but, according to the report published in March 2003, things are changing. Naturally, this only considers low – fat dairy products. Who can benefit the most from such „milk diet“?  – The answer is very simple – women! This is a diet that works for women.


Sodium deficiency leads to occurrence of fat cells


Dr. Zemel and his associates conducted a strange experiment: women who got three low – fat dairy products meals a day in a 30 – days period were far less apt to gaining weight than control group. The risk was lower for even 80%, which is very significant data.

He explained that in the Journal of Nutrition magazine: „When we want to lose weight, we simply take out dairy products from our diet, and since milk is the main source of sodium, that gives body the sign to start accumulating sodium, which means higher excretion of calcitriol hormone. That very hormone stimulates production of fat cells.

Stimulation of calcitriol excretion leads to fat cells expansion, and then you are sitting on them. If you are taking low – fat dairy products you are getting sodium, there is no calcitriol excretion and no production of new fat cells, and that leads to gradual disintegration of existing fat tissue. This may look too complicated, but that’s the way things are for now.“

There is a vast number of low – fat dairy products which contain natural sodium on the market, but we should not baffle that this is a magic pill for body weight reduction, but the fact is that low – fat cheese, yoghurt, milk and other products can significantly help in preparation of diet menus. They not only help weight loss diets, but also a prefect health diet since it provides our body with sufficient quantities of sodium.

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