Excuses which sabotage diets, hard work and successful weight loss

If you have tried different diets, but after each one you gain weight again, problem may be in fast diets which last for few weeks. Research have shown that 4 out of 10 people weight more when they have finished such diet than they did when they started it. That „boomerang“ can be overcome if you introduce long term healthy changes in your eating habits. In other words, you should start diets that work, and chose a perfect diet for you.They will pay off in time, but will certainly be long lasting. Apart from smaller risks of diabetes and heart disease getting rid of excess pounds can mean new psychological beginning and the beginning of a new life. But, at the same time we have to be aware of excuses and traps which can sabotage hard work.

Jobs makes regular meals impossible

Chaotic way of life and inconvenient working hours can disturb regular meals, but it is exactly starvation during the first half of the day, and and one or two heavy meals that cause us to gain the most weight. Nibbles can help in hunger prevention, but only short -term, which will result in greater caloric intake. Avoid that trap by bringing healthy meals from home.

Hormones are to blame for our pounds

People who have thyroidal problems or women with polycystic ovaries often blame hormones for their excess weight. It is true that illnesses influence metabolism, but if you suffer from those or similar diseases, consult your doctor to help you form the menu. It should be a safe fat loss diet since your doctor will make it for you. Those people are not certain if their thyroid glend is preventing them from losing weight, if they want to achieve better results they should stick to basic rule, making sure they spend more calories than they take in. Increased sport activity or regular walks with the same caloric intake will provide the results.

Genetic predisposition for gaining pounds

It is possible to inherit the tendency for gaining pounds, but that’s not a dominating gene. What we inherit from our parents are really eating habits which make people gain the most weight. If you are used to caloric family dinners at late hours there is a great possibility that you will do the sane with your own family. Knowledge of earlier mistakes eating habits and quantity can help develop awareness of bad habits and initiate changes.

It’s not fatness, it’s the bones

Bigger bone construction really means more muscles, which will result in few pounds more on the scale, but they will not be obvious on the body, nutritionists explain. Pay attention to your diet and the factors which might cause gaining weight, and try to eliminate them from your everyday menu.

Retaining water

It’s true that many women retain water during the PMS period, but that lasts for only a couple of days. If you have serious problems with water retaining consult your doctor because that can indicate kidney or heart issues. However, if that’s not the case you should intensify training and decrease salt intake because it binds water. So start low salt quantity diet and excercise, and you should feel better.

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