Diet for breastfeeding mother

Women who breast – feed acquire desired body weight easier and sooner. Our reader Ivana is a new mom who, like most of women, has excess of pounds after the delivery, and in addition she has gained extra 14 pounds after giving birth. She wants to lose weight, but, taking in account she is breast – feeding, she is worried about the influence of the diets on mother’s milk quality. Read nutritionist’s recommendations for sucklers’ diet.

First step towards slim body is setting realistic goals. Pounds were geathering during 9 months of pregnancy, and thus are impossible to lose over night, patience is of essence.

Suckling dissipates fat tissue

A woman who breast – feeds produces on average 29,9 ounces of milk daily. In order to satisfy the increased needs during lactation, it is necessary to take extra 500 kcal a day.

Good news is that mother’s milk is produced from fat tissue and a great amount of energy is being spent in the process. Thus, suckles acquire their desired body mass easier and sooner.

Two or three months after the delivery, when the body is recovered, you can start with balanced diet which is restrictive only in terms of caloric intake, but not in those of nutritive values.

Recommended weight loss for optimal health is 1 , or at most two pounds a week. You will accomplish that by decreasing the energetic intake by 500 kcal. Still, be careful, with self prescribing of reduction diet, so that lower energetic intake would not affect the quality of milk.

Measure your weight often, and monitor your body mass, because you might not need significant energetic restrictions. Ratios of nutritious substances should be adequately represented, and you should chose food of high nutritive density (those are most often low caloric viables with high content of vitamins, minerals, alimentary fibres and phytochemicals.

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