Buckwheat diet – eating plan – menu and experiences

Buckwheat diet is a very strict diet since, while being on it, you are allowed to eat only cooked buckwheat combined with only a few other foods.

However, if you decide to go on this diet, you can be sure that you will see the results.

How long should buckwheat diet last?

Buckwheat diet should last for 14 days, that is, two weeks. This period shouldn’t be longer. You should pause for at least two weeks or not more than a month if you want to repeat it.

How many kilograms can you lose with buckwheat diet?

If you follow the rules defined in this diet, you can lose up to 7kg in the first week being on it. There are people who lost even 10kg with this diet in one week.

What are the basic rules that define buckwheat diet?

In the first four days of this diet, you shouldn’t take in more than 600 calories.

After the fourth day, you should double your calorie intake.

You should also follow the rules when choosing the foods.

These foods are allowed:

-Cooked buckwheat (prepared by following the recipe you will read in this text),

– Kefir (not more than 1l a day),

– Full fat yogurt (not more than 150ml a day),

– Season fruit (not more than two pieces a day).

As for the daily recommended intake of yogurt and kefir, these measures refer to the situation in which you choose only one option (only kefir or only yogurt). If you decide to consume them both, the total amount you drink a day shouldn’t be more than 1l.

As for the rest of foods, which are not included in the list of foods that are allowed in this diet, you should avoid them.

You should also avoid sugar, salt, fizzy drinks and juices.

You are only allowed to drink coffee or tea with no sugar added or any other sweetener. You can also drink water or mineral water.

Your water intake should be about 2l a day and a total amount of liquid (including coffee and/or tea), shouldn’t be larger than 3l a day.

How is buckwheat prepared and in what amounts?

Pour two glasses of boiling water over a glass of whole grain buckwheat in the evening before going to bed. Cover with a lid and leave it overnight at room temperature.

Consume throughout the day.

The schedule and number of the meals aren’t defined in buckwheat diet. It’s important that you eat the amount of the buckwheat you prepared throughout the day and that you stick to the foods you are allowed to eat.

Important notes:

If you notice that you are exhausted during buckwheat diet or you don’t want to drop too much kilograms, you can stick to this diet for one week.

In order to boost the immunity of your body during this diet, you can take multivitamin or multimineral supplements in the form of effervescent tablets. However, don’t take them too much. Follow the instructions concerning the recommended dose on the containers.

We will remind you once again that you shouldn’t be on buckwheat diet for more than two weeks.

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