18 pounds diet

If you are looking for perfect diet to lose substantial number of pounds in a short period then this is a diet for you. Also, you can try un diet. This diet enables you to lose 18 pounds in 2 weeks, but you must strictly follow its rigid rules. If you do so, this will be a diet that works for you. Alcohol is most strictly forbidden, coffee has to be taken sugarless, and salad is to be seasoned only


Breakfast: sugarless coffee

Lunch: 2 boiled eggs, cooked spinach with little salt

Dinner: 1 big stake, or 3 small grilled beefstakes, lettuce and fresh celery


Breakfast: sugarless black coffee and a bun

Lunch: 1 big steak, lettuce and fruit of your choice

Dinner: cooked ham


Breakfast: sugarless black coffee and a bun

Lunch: 2 boiled eggs, lettuce, tomato

Dinner:cooked ham, lettuce with few drops of lemon


Breakfest: sugarless black coffee and a bun

Lunch: 1 boiled egg, row carrot, swiss cheese

Dinner: fruir and yoghurt


Breakfast: grated carrot with lemon and black coffee

Lunch: cooked fish and one tomato

Dinner: 1 grilled steak, lettuce

Most breakfasts begins with coffee because it accelerates metabolism.


Breakfast: black coffee and a bun

Lunch: grilled chicken

Dinner: 2 boiled eggs and a row carrot


Breakfast: tea with lemon

Lunch: grilled steak, fruit of your choice

Dinner: dinner of your choice


On the 8th day the diet begins again and it lasts for another week, and after that it is allowed to eat normally.

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