10 things which destroy calories

There is no easy way that leads to the perfect body. There is no diet that guarantees everlasting slimness, hunger attacks and desire for sweets do not disappear even with hardest effort. Calory killers have positive effects on weight loss and maintaining body weight so they should be eaten/done as often as possible.


Greeen algae are the best as vegetables side – dish. They contain vitamins C and B and fibres which create the feeling of satiety. They supply the body with iodine which directly fghts calories. Vitamin B plays an important role in metabolical processes. So, algae should certainly be included in perfect health diet.


Aside from vitamin C they contain easily diagesive carbohydrates and pectin which stimulates diagestion and helps in decreasing cholesterol level. Apples are great for detox diets and fat loss diets.

Bitter melon

Nowdays it is mainly used for diabetes treatment. According to research, it activates excretion of hormone which is produced in fat tissue, and together with other hormones it helpsproducing feeling of satiety. It can easily be included in fat loss diets which are perfect diets when you want to prepare your body for summer.


Choline is an ideal allay if you want to start a diet that works. Body generally produces as much choline as it needs and it is additionally taken by consuming eggs and soy. It is one of the substances which disintegrate fats and accelerates fat loss process that way.


Chromium is one of the most important trace elements which our body should be supplied with regularly. Chromium deficiency causes glucose utilisation disorder. Thus, it is impossible to have a perfect diet without chromium being included in it.

Dinner skipping

It influences hormonal balance and stimulates fat tissue disintegration. Skipping dinner means greater quantity of growth hormone excretion. You can have positive effect by skipping dinner only twice a week too. It is ideal for fat loss diets.

Amino acids

Tryptophan, leucine, fenylalanine, lysine, valine, threonine, metholine and isoleucine are the most important amino acids which we get from food. There is a great ratio of them in fish (especially tuna), hazels, rice, beans, milk, eggs and potatoes. You need a balanced perfect health diet if you want to have slim body and have a healthy organism, so make sure you take food with amino acids.


Any form of physical activiy is better than sitting and lying, so don’t be a couch potato.
Use your brain. Work that requires concentration is not only hard for the brain cells, but for body too, so it stimulates caloric waste. Sport is, with perfect diet, essential for a healthy slim body.


It melts fat, and it has the gratest effect when it is not completely aged. It helps improving the bloodstream and plays an important role in body weight reduction.

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