Ten brief tips for a healthy life

1. Control your body weight – set a critical point (for example 4 or 6 pounds over your recommended weight), and when you reach it be careful with your calories entry and food selection.

2. Be physically active for 30 minutes every day (take up group exercising, walk to your work, climb the stairs and alike).

3. Make your diet as versatile as possible (cook seasonal food).

4. Start a day with a fruit, and take more fruit during the day.

5. Eat whole meal cereal products every day.

6. Eat more smaller meals in a day (3 main meals and 2 snacks).

7. Choose low fat food, or the food containing good fats and avoid frying and breading.

8. Avoid sweets and serated edulcorated drinks, and if you drink alcohol, be moderate.

9. Season your food with salt and pepper as little as possible.

10. Make sure your food is not health hazardous, check duration dates and store your food properly.

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