Rules for lasting slimness in 2013

Reading viands’ declarations, often pauses during work out and selection of healthy proteins are smart tricks which will help you to shape your body for the beach by summer.

Modern technology costs us 100 extra calories

Remote controls, elevators, dishwashers are things which we are used to in our households. Due to the modern technology we daily lose 100 calories less. Solution – walk as much as possible, and try not taking an elevator occasionally.

Good fats are allies of weight loss

Try to concentrate on proteins from sources that don’t contain unnecessary fats. Fish and seafood, white chicken meat (breast), vetch and all low – caloric diary products should prevail on your menu.

„Smart“ phones in the service of personal trainer

Unlike pedometer which monitors how much you have walked, iPhone applications measure the total of spent calories. That way you have absolute control over your body shape and you can advance faster in losing weight.

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