Intermittent fasting

today I’m going to show you everything I’m gonna eat and the training I’m gonna do to get completely and absolutely shredded for summer so this stuff is not what people are teaching this is against the grain alright so its first thing in the morning and you’re probably thinking what am I gonna have for breakfast some bananas some protein some omelet some oats well actually like I say the best breakfast is no breakfast we’re doing intermittent fasting we got black coffee to strategically blunt our appetite and fasting is really going to force your body to burn fat you’re to see crazy results because what happens when you fast is you no growth hormones go up it’s levels are low and your body is forced to tap into body fats people think breakfast is the most important meal a day the research says otherwise now a quick little tip about coffee it’s actually really healthy for you they found that coffee drinkers live longer than non-coffee drinkers so you have lower risk of mortality drinking coffee over a finite period of time and secondly it’s a high source of antioxidants it improves worker,¬†performance it boosts cognition and focus and so it really is something to utilize that has a ton of health benefits it’s not gonna destroy your health unless you’re drinking like 20 cups of coffee a day but just a few cups of coffee as a lot of health benefits alright we’re headed to get my body fat test I mean cutting for a few weeks I’m down 4 pounds of fat so I want to make sure that I’m just losing fat I’m maintaining my muscle I’m gonna see exactly what body fat I’m at so we’re doing the ducts of skin it’s one of the most accurate ways at measuring your body fat your muscle mass and just for prospective 10% really the gold standard you have the temperature body fat you don’t look great eight percent is the Hollywood physique that chiseled look and anything below that is shredded [Music] so I just got my skin and I’m at 7.6 percent body fat so this also shows is that the last three years I’ve kept my body fat between six and eight percent a lot of people think that’s not possible let alone for three years but this shows otherwise the strategies I’m about to teach you today are gonna allow you to melt off fat and stay lean with eat all right so we’re on the way to the gym and it’s about 12:30 so I’ve been fasting for about three hours since I woke up and I have not eaten anything I just had some sparkling water a little coffee and my body’s been burning fat the whole time and you’re fasting your body is forced to tap into the fat stores the energy you want to use it using when you train isn’t the food for energy it’s not as efficient as using muscle glycogen when you train and lift and burn through muscle glycogen it’s actually a lot more effective and furthermore when you deplete your muscle glycogen then when you eat your body’s getting used to storing and stocking up more muscle glycogen for faster training then if you were to train with field in your stomachs you get really good fullness when you train and lift intensely in the fasted state a lot of people think have to eat every few hours to get protein and you can only absorb 30 grams of protein per day and that’s actually a myth sublimated by the supplement industry because they wanted you to buy their protein shakes and meal replacements because it’s really hard to cook clean¬†and prepare multiple meals throughout the day especially meals involving meat so you actually can just have a couple big meals a day with lots of protein your body will absorb all of it the research shows that it just takes longer to absorb more protein but you’ll have a steady supply of amino acids in your bloodstream so you don’t have to eat protein every couple hours another mistake you’ll make is the gain muscle everywhere but not in the right proportion you really want to focus on gaining more muscle faster on your upper chest your shoulders and the wide detailed back and that’s what’s gonna give you the Hollywood physique where you stand now there’s other people that have the similar muscle as me which the proportion and the shape that makes me stand out like a Hollywood actor who no superhero gets in shape like Thor the Captain America they focus on these mushrooms

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